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Fiery Pastor, Tunde Bakare, Launches N4N Movement to Drive Restructuring

The General Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church (CGCC), Tunde Bakare, has launched the New Nigeria for Nigerians (N4N) movement. He said the core objective of the movement is to drive national restructuring.

While speaking on “The Black Box of Nigeria’s Politics,” Tunde Bakare said he will be spearheading the efforts for true Nigerians to take back their country. He said there will be a change of government in 2023 and that it is high time Nigerians took back Nigeria as a federal entity.

He tasked President Muhammadu Buhari to “tear down” the 1999 Constitution which he described as a “glorified death certificate.” He cried that Nigeria has a faulty political foundation and this is responsible for ethnic and religious agitations across the country. He warned that Buhari would be blamed for the failure of Nigeria if he fails to act responsibly.

“I am fully persuaded that the 1999 Constitution is nothing more than a glorified death certificate,” Bakare stated. “Mr. President, stop passing the buck to the National Assembly. Tear down this inhibitive concoction of a Constitution. Tear it down so that we can build a nation.”

The fiery pastor declared in March 2018 that he would be launching a new political party to be known as New Nigeria Progressive Movement. He said the party will lead the campaign for effective restructuring and true federalism in the country. He noted that leaders who had been crying for restructuring before this time had been passive and paying lip-service to the agenda.

“Fellow Nigerians, I’m here to announce to you that the time has come for the true progressives to arise, say enough is enough to political hypnosis; it is time to take our country back,” he said. “We are stepping in to shape the national conversation beyond elections and begin to lay the groundwork for the restructuring of this nation.

“We will be going to every nook and cranny with our agenda and message. We have only three points on our agenda — restructuring, restructuring and restructuring. Therefore, our Distinct Nationhood Agenda, DNA, is simple, it is RUN — Restructuring For United Nigeria – this is what I’m set to advance.”

Bakare vowed to align with foreign countries to champion the reintegration of diverse ethnic groups in the country until every Nigerian can proudly call himself a Nigerian. He declared that if 50 million Nigerians can “say no to hypnotic democracy” via the ballot, then there is hope that Nigeria will be glorious again.