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Among the various upgrades that have been introduced into the banking industry is the use of a simple code to carry out banking operations. First City Momentum Bank (FCMB) were not left behind, banking has been made a lot easier for their customers with the introduction of the FCMB USSD code. 

The code is fast and effective and can be operated using any mobile phone without the need for internet or web connection. With such a code, one would hardly need to visit the bank for most banking transactions. Why go out when you can sit comfortably in your house and do your transactions? 

It is a welcome development and as a FCMB customer, you would love to know this code and also how to use it. First, let’s learn what a USSD code is.

What is a USSD Code?

Yeah, you hear about USSD codes everyday and you also make use of them everyday, but what really are they? A USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – code is a service data code programmed for a specific service on a mobile network. 

It is a form of communication between the mobile network user and the mobile network provider or an application program on the network. The code you dial to recharge your phone, check your account balance and many more are all USSD codes.

What is the FCMB Account Balance Code?

The code which you can use to check your FCMB account is Dial *329*00# to check balance. Before you can make use of this code to check your bank account balance, you have to first of all activate your account on the USSD platform. This is a form of registration and is very easy, you have to do it if you are making use of the code for the first time.

To do this, you have to dial *389*214# from the phone number registered with your bank account. Follow the onscreen instructions and provide all that is required (no more than account number, debit card details and pin). 

At the end, you will receive a notification that says ‘Start using and enjoying FCMB Mobile service’ as confirmation that it was successful.

How to use the FCMB Account Balance Code

Using the *329*00# to check your FCMB account balance is a very simple process as all you need to do is to dial the code.

You must dial it with the phone number that is connected to your bank account (the one that you receive alerts with). Using any other phone number will not work as it will not be recognized.

When you dial the code, you will be sent an SMS containing your account balance in a matter of seconds. You can dial the code using any GSM phone as it is a USSD code. You do not need internet or web connection so it must not be a smart phone.

There is usually no limit when it comes to checking your account balance and it’s no different with FCMB. You can check your account balance an unlimited number of times every day.

Telco USSD usage charges apply when you make use of the FCMB account balance code so, whereas your bank may not charge you directly, your mobile network will.

What this means is that airtime will be consumed and you would need to have airtime in your phone before you can make use of the code. A minimum airtime balance of N30 is recommended though it may consume less than that.

Why you should use the FCMB Account Balance Code

• It is a very fast means to check your FCMB bank account balance; it takes just a few seconds.

• It is convenient to use as you can use It anyplace you are and at any time.

• It is a simple and uncomplicated means to check your account balance; all it takes is just to dial a code.

• It is a modern technology so you should be making use of it to keep up with the trend

Other Ways to check your FCMB Bank account balance

Using the FCMB account balance code is a very fast way to check your account balance but it is not the only way. Some other methods you can use include;

FCMB Mobile Plus;

This is the official mobile app of FCMB and it is available for only smartphone users. It can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users or from the Google Play store for android users. Once you download the app, you just need to register and you can check your account balance from your dashboard.

FCMB Customer Service

You can request for your account balance with your phone through the customer service but this requires data and internet connection. The FCMB portal is available 24/7 so all you have to do is to visit the portal and request for your account balance.

Using your ATM Card

This is a very popular means so you should know about it already. If you have an FCMB card, you can visit the ATM machine to check your account balance anytime, any day.


No one wants to do something the hard way when there is actually an easy way. As an FCMB customer, when it comes to checking your account balance, using the *329*00# USSD code is an easy way and you should be using it.