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Dropshipping Websites In Nigeria: Top 10 List 

A lot of Nigerians buy things online which proves that eCommerce is a big deal here. If you’re looking for how to make money via eCommerce, dropshipping is one of the best models to consider. The dropshipping industry is worth over $128 billion and the interesting thing is that it’s still very much untapped in Nigeria.

In this post, I’ll be listing out the top 10 best dropshipping websites in Nigeria. Check them out below: 

  1. AliExpress

Alibaba owns AliExpress, a Chinese internet marketplace. Many dropshippers use AliExpress, which has millions of products. Unlike many wholesale suppliers on Alibaba, AliExpress allows you to order single pieces. This reduces the need for off-site inventories and allows direct client shipping. You can sign up for free and search millions of goods. AliExpress also tracks and notifies shipments. Order fulfillment can also be automated using different ecommerce platforms. Most AliExpress vendors are Chinese which means lower prices and often global shipping choices.

  1. SaleHoo

SaleHoo, based in New Zealand, is one of the largest global buyer and supplier directories. The large supplier directory allows you to find dropshipping and traditional wholesale suppliers from all around the world. Their $67 yearly subscription is very competitive. Note that SaleHoo does not accept retail orders like AliExpress. Its approach is more formal and needs direct supplier communication. So you’ll need to network and communicate with other businesses. This may be a preferable alternative for dropshippers looking to focus on one niche. 

  1. Oberlo 

Oberlo provides a great Shopify plugin solution. The Oberlo product directory has everything you need. The dashboard also displays page visits, sales, and star ratings for each item and seller. Oberlo’s Starter plan is always free. The Basic plan is $30 a month and includes shipping tracking and order fulfillment monitoring. Your sales limit will increase from 50 to 500. The Pro tier is $80 a month and allows for numerous users once you reach 500.

  1. Worldwide Brands 

Worldwide Brands maintains a list of recognized dropshippers, wholesalers, and importers. The Florida-based company has over 20 years of experience verifying vendors. Worldwide Brands makes finding vetted suppliers easier. It also offers training on sourcing suppliers and establishing internet enterprises. As a directory, you will need to establish your own partnerships and payment structures with providers. They also charge a one-time $299 lifetime subscription cost. While the price may be high, you only pay once and you can dropship with the platform for life.

  1. Inventory Source 

Dropshipping platform and order management solution Inventory Source connects dropshippers and retailers to automatically sync products and inventory. In addition, the platform allows businesses to create more personal relationships with their suppliers and provide products at lower prices. This is the only solution on this list of best dropshipping websites in Nigeria which allows you to add your own dropshippers, albeit bespoke integrations do incur a fee. 

  1. Megagoods

Megagoods focuses mainly on consumer gadgets. Unlike other platforms, the California-based firm owns and warehouses its own products, allowing for speedy distribution. Megagoods is perfect for dropshippers selling electronics to clients. However,  compared to the major wholesale directories and marketplaces, Megagoods’ product range is somewhat limited. Since Megagoods isn’t yet integrated with any ecommerce platforms, you’ll have to create your own fulfillment procedure. In other words, you’ll have to source delivery and shipping independently. 

  1. Doba 

Sourcing suppliers, purchasing and tracking products, and managing inventory is simple with Doba. Doba skillfully manages all dropshipping operations and orders. They also work well with ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, making it simple to sell items. The main pro of this platform is that both notice and expert dropshippers can use it. However, it’s not always easy to contact suppliers directly. This might cause complications if you have specific supplier requirements. Service tiers range from $29-$249 per month which also is somewhat expensive. 

  1. Wholesale Central 

Wholesale Central provides global suppliers and a user-friendly platform. They have over 25 years of expertise matching buyers and providers globally. 

Suppliers can list their products on Wholesale Central, and as a dropshipper, you can use it for free. Due to the nature of Wholesale Central being an online listing, all relationships and purchases must be made directly with suppliers. In addition, most of their suppliers sell bulk wholesale, so finding a dropshipping partner might take some time. 

  1. Modalyst

Dolce & Gabbana, DSquare, Calvin Klein, and many more are among the luxury brands available on Modalysts. Selling products from brands that your customers already trust can help build your own brand’s image. Modalyst even curates collections of eco-friendly products created from sustainable materials for merchants aiming to lower their carbon footprint. And with Modalyst Private Label Dropshipping, you may brand your products yourself. If you’re dropshipping to Nigerian customers, there’s no problem. Modalyst’s wholesale suppliers ship to over 80 nations. 

  1. Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B is a simple, automated solution to start dropshipping products from suppliers worldwide. The platform aims to automate dropshipping with minimum supplier or logistics communication. It’s free to use and has several integrations with ecommerce platforms and digital marketplaces. While browsing Wholesale2B is free, you must pay separately for each service you choose to purchase. For example, if you wish to drop ship on various platforms, you must pay for each one separately. They also only offer limited customer service during business hours. 

Bottom Line 

The websites above are some of the most renowned dropshipping websites in the world. From Nigeria, you can dropship to both foreign and local clients. You can go with any platform that suits your preference.