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Done with NYSC – What is next?

Graduating from the university and going for the compulsory one year of national service is a fixed goal for many Nigerian students. First, it is something mandatory (Primary and Secondary Education) and then it becomes something optional, which many young people choose. What happens when we reach the goal?

Now that you’re done, what should you do next?


Well, deciding on what to do next is quite a determination that comes with consequences. Thus, each decision of yours is classified as a phase. Still confused?  Don’t be, we’re gradually getting there.


Phases to face after NYSC



1. The “I have everything under control” Phase


Having a fixed objective and with continuity for so long makes us get used to having plans made. You finish a school year and you know that afterwards comes the next one, and the next and the next. And when you reach the end, what do you get? Normally you are clear about your plans until you finish high school or a university degree. You are brainstorming on different ideas and making future plans.

However, it’s time to actually execute those plans, but you no longer seem so great about it.  Panic less; Virtually every graduate has gone through this phase!!


2. The “What Now?” Phase


After NYSC, you want to organize your future. You’re left with the option to either to continue studying, to travel, working, and many more options. In fact, a lot of options that get out of hand is right before you and you begin to feel that this stage will be different from how you had imagine it.

Probably, you thought that with your super university degree you would go very far and you find that like you, there are 200 more people of your same class. And more from other universities, and from other cities. With little job offer and high demand. Lol…  In fact, only a handful of Nigerian graduates are gainfully employed into the country’s system.


3. The “Stay calm, something will come out” phase


Faced with this scenario, which you probably see as a bleak scenario, it is easy for your spirit to drop and you start to get overwhelmed. The options that you contemplated before will be become less significant to you or matter at all. To an extent, you will think them inaccessible.

Without a doubt, it is easy to fall into the spiral of waiting for something to come out, searching from home, sitting on the sofa….  Then get your folks to start reminding you of your responsibilities.


4. The “well, enough already, I want to change this situation” phase


Until the day will come when you will realize that you have to do something. Something to differentiate you, to spice up your resume and your life. You’ll continue to wait for a non-existent miracle. Yea, Miracle happens….. But  to those who are prepared for it or have high connections.

Of course, you are young, vital, and you want to live life, not to get into a job where they exploit you and don’t let you breathe. What you have to do?

Well, precisely that: live. Explore, venture, experiment with different things, find something that makes you come out of your comfort bubble.


5. The “I want to do something different, but what?” phase


Once you have made the decision to turn your life around and change, you have to choose what you want to do.

This task is not easy. The good thing about youth is the desire to try new things, the few ties you have and, basically, freedom. Traveling, getting to know and soaking up the wonderful world we live in is the best training you can get.

Acquire experiences that you always remember and that you will want to tell your children and grandchildren. Visit places that you would never return to and, instead, find other places that you will always remember. People who will stay in your life and people who will leave, but people from whom you will learn many things.


6.  The “I know what I want, how do I do it?” Phase


Have you decided to go out and see the world? Then, it’s time to explore all the paths that suit your personality, your needs and your interests. You can travel for pleasure, volunteer abroad or else.

Depending on the destination you choose and what you want to do, you should organize yourself well (route, luggage, certificates, visas, etc.). Don’t worry, don’t be overwhelmed.

Remember that we currently have easy access to information, and you can also consider the possibility of asking for professional help.


Go for it


Take the final step and get in touch with us so we can help you fulfill your dream. Imagine what you want and let yourself be advised by someone with more experience, who knows the path through which you want to move and who can help you along your way. We are committed to helping you to grow.