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Control Apple Watch with Alexa – How it works

The Siri voice assistant can usually be addressed on an Apple Watch. Alexa has not yet moved in on the smartwatch, but you can still control it with the Amazon AI on your Apple watch via a detour.

Although Alexa is actually not at home on the Apple Watch, you can bring Amazon’s voice assistant to your smart watch and navigate through menus and Co. using voice control. This requires a little detour and the installation of a separate app called Voice in a Can. We explain each setting to you step by step.

Note: There is no official support from Apple or Amazon for the app detour. So if you have difficulties setting up or using the application,  leave us a comment.

Pair Apple Watch with Alexa via app

Since ‘Voice in a Can’ is a Watch app, you don’t need an iPhone or iPad to set up the application. In addition, the mini-program can then be started directly from the clock face.

  • Press the side button on your Apple Watch (also called the Digital Crown ) to bring up the Home screen
  • Tap App Store, then tap Search
  • Enter Voice in a Can and select the app.
  • With a tap on the price you start the download and installation
  • Your Apple Watch may ask you to double-press the side button to install the app.

Note: Voice in a Can costs 1,051.66 Nigerian Naira. The developer also points out that the application works best when the iPhone or iPad is not nearby, because it then automatically communicates with Alexa via WiFi or LTE and not via the smartphone.

Alexa meets Apple Watch – these are the restrictions

Apple restricts the access rights of watch apps, so voice control via Alexa and Voice in a Can is only possible to a limited extent. Calls cannot be made and music cannot be played via Alexa.

However, what is definitely possible is the connection of smart home devices – even if they are not compatible with the Apple HomeKit.