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Big Brother Titans: Everything You Should Know About The Show

One of Nigeria’s biggest reality TV shows, Big Brother Naija, returned in 2023 in a different version. Titled “Big Brother Titans,” it’s a season that promises more thrills than ever before.

It is still the same Big Brother Franchise show, but Big Brother Titans is bigger and should draw more attention than other previous BBNs. But what is it that makes the show different? Read on to learn everything you should know about the Big Brother Titans Show.

What is Big Brother Titans?

Big Brother Titans is yet another Big Brother franchise TV show. Normally, Big Brother Naija features only housemates from Nigeria. But, if you switch on your TV and tune in to Africa Magic to watch Big Brother Titans, you won’t find only Nigerian housemates.

This is because Big Brother Titans is not just another BBN edition. Instead, it’s a hybrid of Big Brother Naija and Big Brother South Africa. So, the TV show features housemates from Nigeria and South Africa.

In particular, there are ten Nigerian housemates and ten South African housemates. That takes the total number of housemates to twenty.

Usually, Big Brother Naija starts around the middle of the year. Big Brother Titans, however, kicked off in the first month of the year, on the fifteenth of January, to be precise.

As usual, Big Brother Titans still airs on Africa Magic on DSTV and GOTV. You can watch the show on Mzansi Magic if you’re in South Africa.

Where Will Big Brother Titans Be Held?

Big Brother Titans will be held in South Africa. All past Big Brother Naija shows were held in Nigeria, but Big Brother Titans is different. So, Nigerian housemates who qualify for the show will have to travel. 

Of course, it still would have been held in Nigeria. 

But, since it’s the first version of the show involving Nigeria and South Africa, it’s understandable that it’s held in South Africa. The reason for the merger was to draw more attention to Big Brother Franchises outside Nigeria. And that purpose is defeated if the very first edition is still hosted in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, it’s expected that the second edition, if the show continues, will be held in Nigeria. Then the third in South Africa and the fourth in South Africa, and so on.

How Many Nigerians Are in Big Brother Titans?

There are ten Nigerians in Big Brother Titans. They include;

  1. Yemi Cregx
  2. Olivia
  3. Blaqboi
  4. Jaypee
  5. Marvin
  6. Nana
  7. Ebubu
  8. Jenni O
  9. Kanaga Jnr
  10. Yvonne

As mentioned earlier, the total number of housemates is twenty, and ten South Africans completed it.

The Nigerian housemates in Big Brother Titans went through the same rigorous selection process as in previous Big Brother Naija seasons.

All Nigerians that meet the age requirement were eligible to apply to take part in the show. As you’d expect, thousands, if not millions, did apply. But at the end of the day, only ten were chosen. Anyway, at the end of the show, only one will go home with the price.

How Long Is Big Brother Titans?

The Big Brother Titans show will last for seventy-two days. That’s around two months and a half, which is not different from other Big Brother Naija TV shows.

Since the show kicked off on the 15th of January 2023, it will end on the 28th of March 2023. Not all housemates will stay until the end, of course. 

By the end of the second week, some housemates will be eliminated. And the same will happen for subsequent weeks until the end of the show.

Housemates are eliminated if they receive low votes after nomination. Aside from votes, elimination also happens if a housemate breaks a rule. In such a case, they get disqualified.

The ultimate goal of all housemates is to win the show. But, from past shows, even non-winners also go on to be big. So, the target for most of the housemates would be to stay in the house for as long as possible.

Who Is the Head of House in Big Brother Titans?

The Head of House in Big Brother Titans is not fixed. Every week, there is a new head of house, depending on who wins the head of house games.

All housemates have an equal chance of becoming the head of the house. However, an outgoing head of house is not eligible to be the next.

In the first week in the Big Brother Titans house, the head of house was Mmeli, a South African housemate. In the second week, Mmeli cannot participate in the head-of-house games.

He can only participate in the third week, after which another housemate must have rules as the head of house for a week.

Big Brother Titans Housemates

Below is a complete list of all Big Brother Titans housemates:

  1. Khosi

Khosi was the first housemate introduced in the Big Brother Titans show. She is South African, twenty-five years old, and an ex-beauty queen. Notably, she graduated from two prestigious universities in South Africa: the University of The Free State, Bloemfontein, and the University of Johannesburg.

  1. Yemi Cregx

The second Big Brother Titans housemate here in Nigeria. Yemi Cregx hails from Ekiti State and attracted fan attention when he walked up the stage. The reason is that he looks identical to Teddy A, a previous Big Brother Naija housemate. Yemi Cregx owns a career as a creative multi-hyphenate.

  1. Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay hails from Eastern Cape in South Africa. He is a semi-professional rugby player and an enthusiast of his native Xhosa culture. Juicy Jay is also a big music fan. The twenty-four-year-old promises to bring all the fun and energy into the Big Brother house.

  1. Olivia

Olivia, age 23, hails from Imo state in the southeast of Nigeria. She defines herself as a hard competitor who isn’t afraid to retaliate in kind when aggression is leveled at her. Before entering the Big Brother house, Olivia worked in the entertainment industry as an actress, brand influencer, model, and content creator.

  1. Nelisa

Nelisa was born in Durban and raised in Cape Town. She came into the Big Brother Titans competition because she believes viewers will find her interesting. Her prior life as a socialite and outgoing party host supports this. Nelisa describes herself as an alcoholic whose relationship status is somewhat chaotic, depending on how she feels at any given time.

  1. Blaqboi

Victor Panwal, well known by his stage name Blaqboi, is a middle-eastern Nigerian storyteller from Plateau State. Before competing on Big Brother Titans, he worked as a visual content producer, director, and filmmaker after earning a degree in theater and filmmaking at the University of Jos. The 26-year-old is also a well-known TikToker.

  1. Mmeli

Hillbrow, one of Johannesburg’s most notorious suburbs, is where Mmeli Khumalo is from. The 25-year-old model has always been a great fan of fashion and has followed the Big Brother brand in hopes of appearing on the program. Mmeli sees himself as a seasonal conspirator determined to avoid becoming entangled in the tense drama and plotlines that make the Big Brother episodes so compelling.

  1. Nana

22-year-old Nana is a student from Kaduna State. Previously majoring in mass communication at Kaduna State University, she is now majoring in tourism and hotel management in Cyprus. Her company, Nana’s Empire, specializes mostly in stylish apparel and accessories as well as aphrodisiacs. Nana admits to being a devotee of body piercings, tattoos, and body art.

  1. Ipeleng

Ipeleng is a composed, self-assured roommate eager to make an impression and form relationships in the Big Brother Titans house. The 25-year-old is a law student, content producer, and YouTuber who currently creates explainers and reviews of skincare and lifestyle products.

  1. Marvin Achi

Marvin Achi has appeared on programs like America’s Got Talent and The Circle USA. He now resides in Houston, Texas, having been born in Port Harcourt. The 29-year-old graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and has since become well-known as a body alteration specialist and serial reality TV star.

  1. Thabang

Thabang, just 21 years old, entered the Big Brother Titans house on his mother’s advice. He is from Soweto and has tried his hand at various industries, including working on event promotions and selling sneakers at various points. Thabang is currently employed as a sports analyst, but he intends to use part of the exposure he receives on Big Brother Titans to advance his entrepreneurial endeavors.

  1. Jaypee

Jaypee is a licensed nurse from Nigeria who also likes to party. Since finishing her tertiary studies, the 25-year-old has worked as a model, party host, and actress. Her greatest ambition is to become a well-known actor and participate in successful Nollywood projects.

  1. Yaya

Aged 31, Yaya is an East London-based makeup artist, advocate for body positivity, aspiring actress, and a model. She was born in the Eastern Cape and is passionate about changing the perception of traditional beauty. Since 2014, Yaya has been modeling and acting. She has appeared in publications such as Drum Magazine, Essentials Magazine, Essays of Africa, True Love, and Bona Magazine.

  1. Ebubu

Ebubu, a model and creative from Nigeria who lives in Lagos, is 28 years old. He studied at Lagos State University and earned a theater arts degree. Ebubu describes himself as a creative enthusiast passionate about music, painting, and acting. Already, he has participated as a vixen in several Afropop music videos. He hopes to use the Big Brother Titans platform to advance his creative career.

  1. Lukay

Lukay, a 31-year-old sales executive from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, is fervently proud of his Zulu ancestry. He is in the house to fight for the prize money. Despite comments on his age and eligibility for the competition on social media, Lukay is optimistic about his prospects of winning. His marital status has remained a secret.

  1. Jenni O

Jenni O was born and raised in Chicago but is of Imo, Nigerian descent. She holds a master’s degree in public health from the University of Georgia. A passionate fan of Afropop, Jenni O regularly discusses the music she hears on her podcast, JenniSpeakz. She has a severe fear of snakes and is an avid beauty lover.

  1. Tsatsii

Tsatsii is an engineering, biotechnology, and microbiology student from Pretoria who defines herself as expressive and enjoyable to be around. Her darkest secret is that she has cheated on three exams in the past without being discovered. She has been a devoted fan of Big Brother over the years.

  1. Kanaga Jr.

Hailing from Abia state, Kanaga Jr. is an actor, stylist, and model living in Lagos state. The 23-year-old, who draws style cues from his late father, presented himself to the Big Brother Titans audience while dressed in an outfit from his father’s collection. Kanaga Jr. has been in the first Netflix Nigeria original series, Far From Home, and he plans to launch his own fashion line after Big Brother.

  1. Justin

Justin Peters, from East London in South Africa, joined Big Brother Titans to represent the Maui people. He is a photographer and content developer and wants to win the big reward so that he may help his parents with their obligations. Justin also wants to travel the world and document various cultures.

  1. Yvonne

Yvonne is 27 years old and is from Akwa Ibom in south southern Nigeria. She intends to use the Big Brother house as a springboard to make a name for herself in the entertainment sector. Notably, she featured in the music video for “Never” by Phyno in 2020. To make sure that her brand is the only one left after Big Brother Titans is over, she is adamant about not getting involved in any relationships there.

Big Brother Titans Prize

The winner of Big Brother Titans goes home with $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars). That’s more than N45 million naira and 1.6 South African rands.

In comparison, the Big Brother Titans cash prize is less than the past Big Brother Naija season. In 2022, Phyna, who emerged as the winner, took home a cash prize of N50 million.

If you’re a Big Brother Naija fan, you will know the cash prize is not all the winner gets. It’s no different with Big Brother Titans, as the winner gets other amazing prizes. However, these other amazing prices are yet to be made public.