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Best Web Browsers For Nigerians: Top 10 2022

The browser market is rising as more tech companies release consumer-friendly browsers. Others often update their browsers to fix bugs, add features, and improve speed.

Windows users have a larger market since it is the most widely used desktop OS with close to 70% market share. Fortunately, there are reliable browsers among the swarm, and I’ve identified them. Here are the 10 best web browsers for Nigerians:

  1. Google Chrome

No browser has more users than Google Chrome, so it’s no surprise it’s number one. Chrome is free to download and install on Windows 10. 

Chrome is popular because it integrates with Google products. Also, Chrome is a secure browser, as you’d expect from Google. Chrome ensures security with regular updates and security checks. 

Thanks to its many extensions, Chrome is a productive browser. Many websites and services have Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Store. 

And it’s fast, with dark mode and the Google address bar. You can use the Google address bar to search, calculate, translate, and convert currencies. 

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a privacy-conscious browser. The browser employs a native quantum-based engine that provides privacy while being speedy and resource-efficient. 

You can utilize add-ons (extensions) with Firefox. Hundreds of add-ons and themes are available in the Firefox Add-on shop. There are thousands of themes to choose from in many categories. 

Using Firefox gives you control over your privacy settings. You may manage content blocking by choosing Standard, Strict, or Custom protection. Custom mode lets you pick what to block and what to allow. 

You can utilize Firefox’s Private Browsing mode, which is comparable to Chrome’s Incognito mode. Firefox’s Private Browsing mode blocks trackers and ads. 

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a browser intended to work with Windows. Windows, for example, interprets each Edge tab as a window. Other browsers contain all the tabs in one window. 

Edge is also quick and has performance and productivity tools. Microsoft Edge, a Chromium browser, accepts Chrome extensions. Like in the Chrome browser, you can install extensions from the Chrome store. 

Edge is the best anti-malware and anti-phishing browser on Windows 10. It has a SmartScreen, Password Monitor, InPrivate Search, and Kids Mode. 

Do you write? If so, you’ll love the built-in sophisticated writing assistant, which is identical to Microsoft Word and other Office 365 programs.

  1. Opera

Opera, a popular mobile browser, is one of the top Windows browsers. The browser’s revolutionary features make it easy to use and keep you entertained while browsing. 

Opera includes a free VPN, tracker blocker, and ad blocker. Unlike other popular browsers, no extensions or add-ons are required. Workspaces allow you to organize tabs by interest. 

Any browser window can use Messenger, WhatsApp, VK, and Telegram, but the Opera sidebar features these social media. The Pinboards function also allows you to save web items like music, links, and notes. 

Nothing is saved when you use Opera’s private mode. Advanced settings allow you to adjust your surfing privacy and security. 

As one of the few browsers that supports crypto, you may transfer, receive, and pay using cryptocurrencies natively included in the app.

  1. Vivaldi 

This browser lets you browse how you want. You can switch from “pure minimalism” to a “crazy” browser experience. The browsing layers are Essentials, Classic, and Fully Loaded. 

Vivaldi’s tremendous customizability sets it apart. It has a lot of features, but you choose which ones to show. You can experiment until you discover the perfect interface. 

Vivaldi comes with tab grouping, split-screen view, mail client, mouse gesture support, notes manager, ad blocker, and custom Marcos. Other popular browsers lack most of these functions. 

Vivaldi also supports modern features like two-level tab stacks, which are useful when working with several tabs. You can choose from a large theme selection. Others created most of these themes. 

  1. Brave Browser

Brave is a Chrome-based browser, therefore, all Chrome addons function. The browser by default bans advertisements from all websites. Faster browsing without advertisements and trackers. Brave Browser’s inbuilt speed engine and this combination makes browsing quick. 

You can also enable VPN, private search, and incognito browsing with a single click. The Brave Shields are a grouping of these. Brave supports incognito surfing in Tor mode. 

In addition to supporting major cryptocurrencies, Brave also has a secure native wallet (Brave Wallet). You can also import wallets, manage NFTs, and connect to web3 DApps. 

Brave Rewards allows you to earn money while browsing. Tokens can be exchanged for bitcoin or gift cards.

  1. Torch Browser

The Torch Browser is great for torrenting on Windows. The browser has an easy-to-use, speedy torrent manager that makes downloading torrents a breeze. 

But the Torch Browser does more than just download torrents. You may also download videos and audio from any website with the Media Grabber. Popular browsers require an addon. 

With the built-in Torch Player, you can watch videos right from the browser. It’s a user-friendly player for great viewing. Torch Music is a built-in music player. 

You’ll also like the Torch Facelift if you use social networking. You may now personalize your Facebook feed using themes created by other users. You can make your own.

  1. Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is one of the best browsers available, despite being prohibited in some countries. Without a doubt, it’s the best browser for accessing Tor sites (the black web). 

The Tor Browser is also open-source. Using the Tor Browser is like using a VPN; it provides maximum security and privacy. 

Because Tor has over 6,000 relays, no one can monitor your location or activity. This has unfortunately led to several infamous browser uses. Dense traffic is a problem for many browsers. 

It also isolates itself from other apps on your PC to protect privacy. Tor uses DuckDuckGo as its default search engine to maintain its privacy and anonymity. 

Tor’s characteristics and uses set it apart from other browsers. However, it still supports standard browser functionality like bookmarking.

  1. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a clever browser app that supports blockchain technology. The browser is in its 6th version, and over 670 million people use it on Windows and other devices. 

Maxthon Cloud comes with a built-in blockchain identity manager called VBox. It’s a unique approach to online privacy. 

The browser also supports the NBdomain protocol for blockchain content access. With VBox and this protocol, the Maxthon Cloud Browser can run blockchain apps. 

The Maxthon Cloud browser offers a Night Mode that adjusts the brightness automatically at night. Because it is built on Chromium, it supports Chrome extensions and imports Chrome browsing data. 

  1. Chromium 

Chrome is not Chromium. Google introduced Chrome and the Chromium project. Chrome, like other browsers, is built on Chromium, which is open-source and is available as a standalone browser. 

The Chromium-based browser is likewise more private than the other two. For example, Google (and Microsoft) expect Chrome (and Edge) to transmit crash reports by default. 

But unlike Chrome or Edge, Chromium is an open-source browser. Despite Google’s management, there is no certified stable version. Instead, you obtain API keys to build extra features. 

Bottom Line 

There you go. These are the best web browsers you can use in Nigeria.