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Best Washing Machine Brands In Nigeria: Top 10 2023

Find out the Best Washing Machine Brands In Nigeria in this post.

Washing clothes can be stressful, especially when you have a heap. Aside from the stress, not everyone has the time to sit down and wash clothes with their hands. For this reason, many Nigerians take their dirty clothes to dry cleaning shops. Others, however, opt for washing machines.

If you prefer the latter, you should know only quality washing machines will serve. In that view, this Nigerian Infobusstop article lists the best washing machine brands in Nigeria. You can check out any of them below if you want to purchase a washing machine.

1. Samsung

You won’t be living in Nigeria, or the world in general, if you don’t know the Samsung brand. Samsung is a top manufacturer of electronics and digital devices, and its washing machines are among the best in the country.

In particular, let’s consider the Samsung Automatic Front Load Washer — one of the most widespread washing machines from the brand. It’s a washing machine with an eco-bubble solution, making it a dependable option for delicate fabrics and tough stains.

2. LG

LG, Life is Good, is another famous brand in Nigeria that makes electronics and digital devices. LG washing machines are among the best in Nigeria because they are reliable yet affordable. You can get an 8KG LG washing machine for around N150,000.

You can go for the Twin Tub Top Loader Washing Machine if you need an LG washing machine. The washing machine has three wash programs — gentle, strong, and normal. It also has a unique soak technology for the most stubborn stains.

3. Hisense 

Hisense is one of the best washing machine brands if you’re on a low budget. Despite their affordable prices, Hisense washing machines are durable and will last long.

Talking about Hisense and affordability, let’s talk about the Hisense 5kg Washing Machine. You can get this washing for less than N90,000. To put things in perspective, you’ll find most 5kg washing machines in the market cost over N90,000.

Not to mention, the washing machine comes with a twin tub semi-automatic washing machine with a spin dryer. 

4. Skyrun

Skyrun is a popular washing machine brand. One reason for that is their machines are cost-friendly. Another is that they come in varying sizes. For example, you can purchase a Skyrun tub washing machine for less than N60,000.

You would think you don’t get much with the washing machine at that price, but that’s not true. The Skyrun tub washing machine can handle an entire household with its high-efficiency motor. Also, it comes with overload protection and is easy to use.

5. Scanfrost

Scanfrost is one of the many Nigerian electronics brands. The brand is widely known for making refrigerators and deep freezers. But they also produce some of the best washing machines.

The Scanfrost semi-automatic washing machine is one of the customers’ favourites. It’s not surprising, considering the machine’s efficiency. Also, being semi-automatic makes it relatively easy to operate. The washing machine also has a sturdy build, which ensures it withstands the test of time.

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6. Haier

The Haier Thermocool brand needs no introduction in Nigeria. And if you’re in the market for a Haier Thermocool washing machine, you can opt for the Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. It costs a little over N100,000, but it’s worth the amount.

The washing machine comes with a 100% plastic component. This ensures that it’s lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to rust. Furthermore, it has a removable truckle, which increases mobility.

Another feature you’ll appreciate is the Child Safety Lock. It protects children should they come around the washer while it’s operating. 

7. Polystar

Polystar is one brand that often gets high ratings from customers. For this reason, it ranks among the best washing machine brands in Nigeria. But there’s more. Polystar ranks among the best also because of the many features their products come with.

Take the Polystar Twin Tub Washing Machine, for example. It’s an affordable washing machine, selling for less than N100,000, yet it’s of superior quality. In particular, it’s a machine that won’t consume much power.

Therefore, if you worry about a washing machine increasing your electric bill, you should consider a Polystar product.

8. Aeon

Aeon isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when buying electronics. However, most people who have bought their products confirm they’re good quality. And there’s a lot of good talk about their washing machine.

One of their products, the 7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine, is among the most highly rated. It’s a relatively fast-working machine that will wash your clothes in under fifteen minutes. What more? The cabinet is waterproof and rustproof.

9. Ignis

Are you looking for a high-end washing machine in Nigeria? If your answer is yes, you should check out the Ignis brand. A 6kg Ignis washing machine costs up to N200,000. It’s expensive when you compare it with other brands, but for a reason.

For instance, Ignis Front Loader Washing Machine comes with hi-tech features. These include features like self diagnose, drum clean, auto balance, foam reducer, and child lock. Only a few washing machines come with this many technology features.

10. Nexus

Nexus produces washing machines of different designs and sizes. However, most of their machines are either twin tubs or front loaders. A notable one is the Nexus 7 kg Front Load Washing Machine.

It’s a machine you’ll find easy to use, thanks to the start and pause function. Also, it’s safe to use with the delay function and child lock function.