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Best Stocks To Buy On Nigerian Stock Exchange 2022

Buying stocks remains one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria and globally. The Nigerian Stock Exchange features over 100 stocks that you can buy. 

The problem, however, is knowing which stocks are the best to buy. Buying stocks is an investment, and with every investment, you should make a profit. 

In this post, you’ll find the best stocks to buy on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2022. But first, let’s check out how stocks work. 

How Stocks Work

A stock is a type of financial security that represents a company’s ownership interest. Owners of this equity are called shareholders or stockholders. When you buy stock, you buy a claim on a company’s net assets and future earnings. 

Businesses raise money by selling shares. They use the money for other projects. A corporation may use stock proceeds to support new items or product lines, invest in expansion, expand operations, or pay off debt. 

Stocks in a corporation can be bought and sold by investors. If you want to acquire a share, you usually buy it from another investor who wants to sell it. Likewise, if you wish to sell a stock, you’ll find a buyer. 

Brokers represent investors in stock exchange trades — like with the NG Stock Exchange, for example. Investors usually use online stockbrokers to purchase and sell stocks via the broker’s trading website. Therefore, to buy stocks, you’ll need a brokerage account.

With that, let’s get down to business. Listed below are the best stocks to buy on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2022:


FBNH is the stock of FBN Holdings, the parent company of First Bank—one of the most prominent banks in Nigeria and Africa at large. It currently has a 153,336,385 volume and a NGN445.102 billion market cap. 


JAIZBANK is the stock for Jaiz Bank Plc, a renowned Islamic bank with a presence in Northern Nigeria. The bank is headquartered in Abuja and has a market cap of NGN31.09 billion. 


GTBank recently rebranded as Guaranty Trust Holding Company (GTCO). GTBank remains the name of their banking subsidiary. The GTCO stock is one of the hottest on the NG Stock Exchange, with a NGN703.405 billion market cap. 

4. FCMB 

Here we have another banking stock, which shows that bank stocks are leading. The FCMB Group Plc is listed on the NG Stock Exchange and has a market cap of NGN69.31 billion. As you already know, the group is most famous for its commercial banking sector. 


Transcorp (Transnational Corporation of Nigeria) is a company with a presence in the hospitality, energy, and agribusiness sectors of Nigeria. However, it is more famous in the hospitality sector via Transcorp Hotels. Its stock is on the NG Stock Exchange with a NGN57.72 billion market cap. 


Custodian Investment Plc is a “big name” in the Nigerian insurance industry. The company engages in the general engagement business. You can find its headquarters in Lagos, and the company’s stock is on the NG Stock Exchange with a NGN43.820 billion market cap. 


INTBREW, the International Breweries Plc, is responsible for many of the beer and beverages sold in Nigeria. You can purchase the company’s stock on the NG Stock Exchange, and the current market cap is NGN216.24 billion. 


Access Bank Plc is perhaps the biggest bank in Nigeria after recently acquiring Diamond bank. As a result, it’s not surprising that its stock, ACCESSCORP, is one of the best performers in the local stock exchange with a NGN353.33 billion market cap. 


Here we have another renowned Nigerian insurance firm. Officially known as the Cornerstone Insurance Company, CORNEST is one of the most valuable stocks to buy in 2022. The stock has a market cap of NGN10.5 billion.

10. UBA

UBA, the pan-African bank, needs no introduction. It’s a multinational bank with presence in different African countries. The over 73-year-old bank has a market cap of NGN 270.18 billion. It has had some major greens since the start of 2022. 


At number eleven, we have the stock of Fidelity Bank Plc. The famous commercial bank is on the NG Stock Exchange, and the stock market cap is NGN104.31 billion. From the net change, FIDELITYBK is one of the most performing bank stocks. 


Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc is an active mining company in Lagos. The company is licensed to mine zinc, copper, gold, lead, tantalite, tin, and barite. Its market cap, NGN 895.01 million, may seem low, but the stock is among the most promising. 


WAPCO is the West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited that operates the West African Gas Pipeline. On the NG Stock Exchange, it’s the Lafarge Africa Plc. Due to increased demand for petroleum gas, the company’s business is booming. The current market cap is at NGN 464 billion. 


UNILEVER is a company as old as the name Nigeria. The British multinational enterprise is still a big player in the Nigerian economy. Unilever Nigeria has a NGN117.248 billion market cap with over a 20% increase in the past year. 


Chams Plc is a Nigerian enterprise solution provider. Located in Lagos, the company boasts close to $700,000 in revenue. It’s on the NG Stock Exchange with a NGN 986.173 million market cap. A share is available for less than 0.25 NGN. 

Bottom Line 

And that’s it—the best stocks to buy on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2022. While these are indeed performing stocks, you should still research them before investing. Ultimately, invest wisely.