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Best Stabilizers For Fridge In Nigeria: Top 5 2023

Electrical current flows at different voltages — which we also call current in Nigeria. Usually, PHCN will supply a voltage that’s safe, but sometimes, it gets low, and other times, it gets high.

A low voltage will be unable to power your fridge and other similar appliances. On the other hand, a high voltage will “blow” your fridge. You can prevent these from happening by getting a stabilizer.

Like the name says, a stabilizer is simply a device that stabilises the electric current — making it safe to use, whether it is low or high.

Listed below are the top 5 best stabilizers for fridge in Nigeria:

1. Proton Stabilizer 2000VA

This 2000VA stabilizer from Proton will be enough for your fridge and many other home appliances. In particular, it is powerful enough to protect your lights, fans, DVDs, home theatres, and television. It’s a stabilizer you can rely on whether at home or at work. For the latter, the stabilizer can also protect your desktops, printers, and photocopy machines. Despite how powerful it is, the Proton Stabilizer 2000VA is relatively affordable, at less than N30,000.

2. Qasa AVR-Pro 1.5hp Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

When you purchase the Qasa AVR-Pro 1.5hp Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, what you get is a wall mount stabilizer. At first view, it may appear like a small stabilizer, one that is not powerful enough to handle a fridge. But looking at the 1.5hp capacity, it’s easy to understand why it is one of the best stabilizers for fridge in Nigeria. From the LCD panel, you can easily stay updated on the current capacity. The stabilizer will also work as a light system and safety alarm system.

3. Binatone Digital Voltage Stablizer DVS-2001

Binatone, one of the best electronic brands in Nigeria, makes an entry in this list with the DVS-2001 digital voltage stabilizer. Designed with a CPU control unit, the stabilizer guarantees 100% protection of your fridge and other appliances. In particular, it can handle fridges and freezers up to 500L in size. An interesting feature of this stabilizer is that it comes with a USB port via which you can charge your mobile devices.

4. Century 1000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

The Century 1000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is one of the most common stabilizers you’ll find in Nigerian households. It won’t be surprising if you already have this stabilizer at home. It comes in different colors — red, blue, green. In terms of capacity, it’s an ideal stabilizer for small fridges. At 1000VA, it may not be powerful enough for large fridges. Nevertheless, to confirm, check the voltage capacity of the fridge you have before purchasing.

5. Duravolt 1KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer(AVR)

The Duravolt 1KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is another common stabilizer in Nigeria. Like the just mentioned Century stabilizer, it, too, has a 1000VA capacity. The stabilizer will work to stabilise currents of up to 270v and as low as 100v. It transmits all at a safe 220v. Some other notable features of this stabilizer is the output delay function, automatic protection function, and the advanced microprocessor control.

Bottom Line

You can pick any of the above options if you need a stabilizer for your fridge. However, before making a purchase, confirm the voltage of your fridge. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the best stabilizers for fridge in Nigeria.