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Best Sites To Sell Properties in Nigeria: Top 6 List 2022

Are you an agent or a landlord with property for sale? If yes, you should quit the traditional method of walking around looking for a buyer or putting up signposts and limiting your audience to only those around the area.

You can reach a larger audience and get buyers from all over Nigeria if you post your property online. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay; selling your property online is free.

You’ll find many websites where you can sell your property on the internet. Check out the best options below.

1. Nigerian Property Centre

Nigerian Property Centre is a property listing website by Dilmark Solutions Ventures Limited. It’s a free website where you can post your properties and get legit buyers. As a popular website, many Nigerians visit Nigerian Property Centre daily.

To use the website, you must register an account. Creating an account is easy; you only need to provide your name, username, email, and password. Before submitting the signup form, tick the option for “Property Owner” to sell properties.

Once you verify your email, you can start posting properties for sale. When listing a property, the website requires you to enter every available detail. You can post your phone number so potential buyers can call or message you on WhatsApp.

2. Jiji

Jiji is the number one peer-to-peer marketplace in Nigeria. You can post anything for sale on Jiji, including properties. The best thing about the website is that it’s easy to use, and you can use it anywhere in Nigeria.

You can create a Jiji account using your email address or phone number. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account. Your phone number is most important when registering because that’s how potential buyers will reach you.

If you want to succeed on the Jiji marketplace, you should post many pictures of your property. Ensure the photos are clear and high-quality. Also, choose the correct category for your listing. In this case, it should be real estate or property.

Finally, click on “Sell” and publish your listing. Check your account notifications from time to time as Jiji buyers often use the native chat system.

3. Property Guru

Property Guru is a website where you can find properties for sale from countries across Africa, not only Nigeria. Therefore, you should use the Nigerian variant of the website for the best result.

Like other websites, what you do on Property Guru is to add your property as a listing. In addition, you must register an account.

Property Guru features an in-depth listing wizard. If you want to sell your property on Property Guru, get ready to provide comprehensive details. There are five steps to listing a property on Property Guru: Description, Media, Location, Details, and Amenities.

However, you don’t have to provide details for everything, although there are some compulsory sections. You can sell almost any type of property on Property Guru, including apartments, bungalows, duplexes, and lands, to name a few.

Notably, the Media section allows you to upload a video of your property. You can give a virtual tour, for example.

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4. Property Pro

Property Pro is a relatively popular website in Nigeria. As a result, it’s not surprising that it made the list of best sites to sell properties in Nigeria. Selling on Property Pro is free; you can post properties as often as you like.

If you want to sell property, you can either be the landlord or agent. Property Pro lets you register any of these accounts. Your name, email address, password, and phone number are the only details you need to create an account.

When posting a property on Property Pro, you can upload as many pictures of it as you want. Furthermore, you must provide a complete property description and outline its key features. You can display up to two phone numbers – one for calls and the other for WhatsApp.

Setting a competitive price is ideal as the Property Pro website features many properties.

5. Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction; it’s the number one social media platform on the internet. If you’re unaware, Facebook features a bustling marketplace where you can sell anything, including property.

The only requirement to use the Facebook marketplace is a Facebook account. You can access this marketplace on the web using your browser or with your Facebook app. It’s a seamless option to sell properties, especially if you’re a regular Facebook user.

There are three options for creating a listing on the Facebook marketplace: List item, vehicle, or property. Clearly, choose the third option. Facebook doesn’t require you to post a lot of detail. Photos are the most important, and you can post up to fifty.

You can post four main property types, including house, townhouse, flat/apartment, and room only.

6. Septem Connect

Last on this list of best sites to sell properties in Nigeria is a relatively new website, Septem Connect. Septem Connect is ideal if your property is in Lagos, as most users reside in the state.

You can register a Septem Connect account as an agent, developer, or landlord. Any of these three account options allow you to post properties for sale.

Furthermore, Septem Connect features a native chat system so you can communicate with potential buyers on the go.

Bottom Line

If you want to sell your property in Nigeria, you can go with any of the six websites listed in this article.