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Best Site To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria

Instagram is undoubtedly a prevalent social media platform in Nigeria. Most Nigerians on Instagram want to increase their followers, so they become influencers.

As an Instagram influencer, there’s a lot to gain, but the ultimate target is to make money. You can earn huge from brands who want to advertise their products or services.

Buying followers is one of the popular ways to increase followers. Don’t be surprised that many of your favourite influencers purchased their followers. You can do the same using any of the best sites to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria listed below:

1. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a website for not only Instagram followers but also likes. You can purchase followers on the site and get results in minutes.

You can buy either active or high-quality followers. The active followers are the best because you get followers that will interact with your posts daily. Nevertheless, the high-quality followers are still dependable.

You can purchase 100 high-quality followers on Buzzoid for less than $3 (less than N1,500). The least active followers you can buy is 500, which is $11.99 (around N5,000).

You only need your Instagram username and email address to purchase followers on Buzzoid. The site lets you pay using credit cards and mobile payment options like Apple Pay.

2. Instafollowers

Instafollowers is one of the cheapest platforms where you can purchase Instagram followers. Not only on Instagram, but you can also buy followers on TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

To use Instafollowers, you must register an account – you only need an email and password. When you log in, enter your Instagram username, select the number of followers you want, and buy.

Instafollowers let you buy as few as ten followers. You can buy a maximum of 250,000 followers. The followers are high-quality, and payment on the website is secure.

3. Twicsy

Twicsy is a premium marketplace for buying Instagram followers. It’s an ideal website if you don’t want fake Instagram followers. You can only get high-quality followers, most of whom can even be from your target audience. 

Twicsy can help both individuals and companies boost their Instagram presence. You can buy targeted Instagram followers. 

You only need to identify your post types and mention your favorite hashtags, and the website will curate real Instagram users for you, not bots or fakes. 

Twicsy accepts credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. In addition to followers, you can also buy Instagram likes and views.

4. iDigic

When buying many followers for your Instagram page, you won’t find a much better platform than All you have to do is make sure you have enough Instagram posts with good hashtags, and iDigic will regularly boost your follower count so that Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t think you’re doing anything weird. 

You get a real social media presence when you buy likes and followers from an iDigic. It’s one of the sites that sells the best Instagram followers, so you can use their help to reach your metrics. They have fair prices and many options to pay.

5. Rushmax

RushMax’s prices make it an excellent website to purchase Instagram followers. You’ll find many websites to buy followers on the internet, but you won’t find many as affordable as Rushmax. 

RushMax is one of the best websites to use if you only need a few followers for your business account. If you have any issues, the customer care team is always available to assist you on how to improve your explore page and posts.

You can buy Instagram followers on Rushmax for $1.47 (around N600). You can also buy likes and views on the platform.

6. SidesMedia

If you want to boost your Instagram presence by purchasing likes and followers, SidesMedia is the place to do it. Although relatively new, the website makes up for its lack of industry longevity with its level of skill. 

You can trust SidesMedia since they are a reliable resource for all your social media marketing needs and can assist you in finding legitimate social media service providers.

The website recognizes the importance of likes and followers on Instagram beyond increasing your account visibility. They play a crucial role in expanding your company’s name recognition. 

In just three days, SidesMedia can have you actively engaging with many new Instagram followers.

7. Instapple

Instapple is one of the best places to buy Instagram promotion services. Many celebrities, small businesses, and Instagram users trust it. It offers a wide range of services for Instagram, such as likes, followers, and more.

The website has packages where you can buy 100% actual Instagram followers. Their service has been tested for quality and it follows Instagram’s rules. This means that if you purchased followers from Instapple, your account would not get into any trouble.

One thing that makes them stand out is that they deliver immediately, starting in 1 to 2 minutes. This can be helpful if you want to reach more people with posts, offers, etc., that are time-sensitive.

8. is a relatively popular website. The website is prevalent majorly due to its instant delivery guarantee. After you make the payment, you’ll start getting results the next second.

You can purchase high-quality and premium followers from You can buy from 100 followers to 250,000 followers. Notably, the higher the number of followers, the higher the discount.

As a result, is a budget-friendly solution for buying Instagram followers.

Bottom Line

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram and believe purchasing followers is the way, you can use any of the websites listed above. They are the best sites to purchase Instagram followers in Nigeria.