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Best Rechargeable Fan Brands In Nigeria 2023

Due to power instability in Nigeria, many people are turning towards rechargeable fans. As the name describes, these fans will work without a direct power supply. All you have to do is to charge the battery for a set number of hours; then, you can use it without electricity.

Purchasing electronics in Nigeria is often challenging, as people struggle to settle on the right product. This post will make it easy for you if you want to buy a rechargeable fan. Listed below are the top ten best rechargeable fan brands in Nigeria to check out:

1. Lontor

Many agree that Lontor produces the best rechargeable fans in Nigeria. And it’s hard to argue with them, considering the duration of all Lontor fans. Lontor rechargeable fans come in different styles, sizes, and capacities. Their prices range from as low as N10,000 to over N100,000.

Lontor rechargeable fans typically last up to 62 hours when running on low power. On medium power, it could last for up to 8 hours. Meanwhile, the duration is an average of 2 to 3 hours on maximum capacity.

One of the advantages of getting a Lontor rechargeable fan is that they come with a three months warranty.

2. Qasa

Perhaps the most popular Qasa rechargeable fan in the market is the 18-inch fan. As you’d expect from a rechargeable fan, Qasa fans work with or without electricity. You can rely on the battery to last a good number of hours on a full charge. What more? Most Qasa rechargeable fans come with a LED night light.

You can get the Qasa 18-inch fan or other sizes, including the 7-inch or 16-inch fan. They all provide the same top-notch quality which Qasa is known for. Many Nigerians opt for Qasa rechargeable fans because they are relatively affordable.

3. Duravolt

Do you want a rechargeable standing fan in Nigeria? If yes, then Duravolt produces some of the best. What most owners commend about the brand is the lasting battery their rechargeable fans come with.

On average, a Duravolt rechargeable fan will last up to eleven hours at a low speed. It’ll last up to seven hours at medium speed and three hours at high speed.

Another notable feature of Duravolt rechargeable fans is the design. If you’re the type of person that loves aesthetics, you’ll appreciate this brand.

4. Kamisafe

Kamisafe may not be a popular brand in the Nigerian electronics industry, but they produce some of the best rechargeable fans in the country. In particular, Kamisafe is one of the best brands for mini rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

Since they mainly produce mini rechargeable fans, Kamisafe products are relatively affordable. You can purchase a Kamisafe handheld rechargeable fan for as low as N3,000. If you want more power, you can go for the 12-inch rechargeable fan, which costs around N15,000.

There are still larger sizes, like the 18-inch fan. But they’re still affordable, as you can get them for less than N35,000.

5. Ox

Here’s a widely-known brand in Nigeria. Many ceiling and wall fans in Nigeria carry the Ox brand name, and now, many rechargeable fans. You can rely on Ox rechargeable fans to provide long hours of cool fresh air.

When deciding which Ox rechargeable fan to go for, most people opt for the 18-inch standing fan. Why? It’s because the fan is affordable and yet has a long-lasting battery.

Nevertheless, the 18-inch standing fan is not the only quality Ox rechargeable fan on the market. You can also check out others.

6. Century

Century is another popular fan brand in Nigeria. So, it’s not surprising that it ranks among the best rechargeable fan brands in Nigeria. The recommended Century rechargeable fan brand in Nigeria is the Mist Fan, which stands at 18 inches.

The mist fan uses water to provide cool air, offering an alternative to air conditioners. It’s a common technology with many rechargeable fans, but with Century, you’re assured of durability.

Century rechargeable fans also have reliable batteries. Batteries that can last for 6 to 12 hours.

7. Sonik

Sonik rechargeable fans range in price from as low as N5,000 to as high as N90,000. With the wide price range, you’ll expect fans of different capacities, which you get with the brand.

Most Sonik rechargeable fans are AC/DC operated, and a notable feature is the timer. With the timer, you can set it to turn off within one to seven hours automatically. This feature is, however, common with almost all standing rechargeable fans.

Sonik is also another rechargeable fan brand that pays attention to design. As a result, their product designs will easily blend into your interior design. 

8. DP

Do you want a rechargeable fan that comes with a LED light? If yes, DP is a brand you can trust. Already, the brand is popular for producing rechargeable LED lights and lanterns.

Most DP rechargeable fans you’ll find are mini fans. They sell for as low as N3,500 to N8,000. Despite their small size and low cost, these rechargeable fans are high capacity and last long hours.

Notably, the LED light can last for 13 to 70 hours, depending on how you use the fan.


You may not be familiar with the TSES brand. Nevertheless, the brand’s 14-inch standing fan is one of the best you can lay your hands on. The fan runs at a maximum speed of 2800 RPM, but the most advantageous feature is that it charges with power banks.

Many other rechargeable fans will only charge from a power socket. Which means you need power from PHCN or a generator to charge it. But with the TSES rechargeable fan, you can charge with your power bank, just as you charge your phone and laptop.

10. Binatone

Binatone is undoubtedly a renowned standing fan brand in Nigeria. Due to popular demand, the company decided to add rechargeable fans to its fleet of electronics.

Binatone rechargeable fans typically come with Led Lights and remote control. Some are expensive, selling for around N90,000, while others are cos-friendly, selling for less than N20,000.