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Best Private Security Agencies In Nigeria (2022)

Security continues to be a big deal in Nigeria with news of unknown gunmen, bandits, kidnappers, and the ever-present Boko Haram sect always in the news. There’s only much our security forces can do which is why many Nigerians (especially high-profile people) move around with private security.

Hence, there are many private security companies in Nigeria. If you want to hire one, you must be sure you’re getting the best possible service. Not to worry, in this article I’ll be showing you the best private security agencies in Nigeria that you can hire. Check the list below:

  1. Synergy Guards Nigeria Limited

The first security agency here is Synergy Guards Nigeria Limited. They are a renowned private security agency that promotes and delivers the best practice. Synergy Guards Nigeria Limited is part of Synergy Guards UK Limited which means they have an international affiliation. 

All their security personnel are well trained and licensed. They are also very conversant with the latest security technologies. Most of their clients include government, top businesses, and educational institutions. Some of them are GTBank, Total, Federal Ministry of Aviation, Shell, and MTN. 

  1. McDon Security Ltd

McDon Security Ltd is self-acclaimed Nigeria’s best security agency. While that is arguable, they are surely one of the best private security agencies in Nigeria. They offer a variety of services including manned security guards, executive protection, secure logistics, and general security solution consultancy. 

The agency is located in Lagos but you can order their services anywhere in Nigeria. Some of McDon Security’s top clients include Unilever, Cummins West Africa, and 9Mobile. You can look them up on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

  1. Arksego Nigeria Limited

This is a long-operating private security agency in Nigeria as it was founded in 1980. Currently, Arksego Nigeria Limited has more than 6,900 employees operating in different Nigerian states. They boast clients from almost all sectors of Nigeria’s economy including oil and gas, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, aviation, logistics, and commercial sectors, and also government organizations, in particular companies.

The private security agency has head offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Warri, Jos, Maiduguri, and Kano. 

  1. Sheriff Deputies Limited

Sheriff Deputies Limited is a company with over 20 years’ experience in the security industry. They have personnel that have undergone different rigorous training including martial arts, armed and unarmed combat, access control, electronic security, and more. 

Furthermore, their staff abide by the 7 laws of security including the law of vigilance, law of physical fitness, law of confidentiality, law of interrogation, law of discipline, law of protocol, and law of responsibility. This security company is very popular among banks and educational institutions among others.

  1. Ashaka Security Company (ASCO)

Ashaka Security Company is registered and licensed by the Federal Government. The company started in 1965 by providing security services to Nigerian Breweries. They have some of the best trained security staff in Nigeria.

This company offers total and professional security services to all clients. Their services include personal and property protection, armed police escort, emergency response services, and analysis & investigations. Most of their clients are VIPs and companies.

  1. Fortune Security Company Limited

Fortune Security Company Limited is a private security company in Lagos. The company is a member of the Nigeria Institute for Industrial Security (NIIS) and Society of Security Practitioners of Nigeria (SSPN). Notably, their chairman, Pastor Samuel Adedoye JP., is a retired deputy commissioner of the Nigerian police. 

Most of their services include guard services, event and security management, and protocol & armed escort services. Their security personnel are well-trained to exceed client’s expectations. 

  1. Kings Guards House

Kings Guards is a very popular private security company in Nigeria. They offer a variety of services including personal protection, special investigation, access control, escort services, cash in transit, and security equipment. 

Since the company was founded in 1992, they strive to maintain quality and integrity in their services. Other services they provide include reception protocol, maritime security, and training & consultancy. Some of their clients include SWAP, NNPC, JAGAL, and Chams Plc. 

  1. Halogen Security Company Limited

If you need a private security company to run a background check on employees, Halogen Security Company Limited is one of the best options in Nigeria. Also, if you’re more interested in cyber security, Halogen is one of the best too. 

Nevertheless, they still offer other popular security services like travel security, connected surveillance, talent risk outsourcing, virtual & cyber security, physical security, and security education. The company, which has been operating for almost 3 years, is currently known as Halogen Group as they’ve extended their services. 

  1. Proton Security Services Limited

The number 9 on our list of best private security agencies in Nigeria is Proton Security Services Limited; another company located in Lagos. The company strives to provide consistent and reliable security service to clients all over Nigeria. 

Notably, one of their popular services is the vehicle tracking service. Via this service, they provide remote vehicle mobilization, live vehicle tracking, complete electronic logbook, GPS tracking, and a lot more. 

  1. Chogon Guards and Safety Ltd

Chogon Guards has a vision to be the preferred security and safety service provider in West Africa. The company is a division of Chogon Facilities Services and what you get with them is international standard security services. 

Most of their services include manufacturing & industrial security, residential building security, specialized guarding, consultancy and investigation services, and technology solutions.

Bottom Line

If you need to hire a good private security company in Nigeria, you now know the best options.