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Best Paint To Buy In 2022: Top 10 In Nigeria

Some critical considerations must be made before commencing on a paint project to ensure that the end result is a faultless finish you’ll be happy to live with. After picking a color and determining whether or not to hire professional painters, choosing the best paint brand is one of the most crucial aspects. 

You should make the effort to buy a high-quality paint, even if it’s a little more time-consuming, and you’ll be pleased with the results for years to come. If you’re looking for the best paint to buy in Nigeria, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most trusted names in the country. You can check them out below.

  1. Dulux Paints

Dulux isn’t just one of the best paints to buy in Nigeria. It’s also one of the most popular paints in the market. As a leading paint brand, you can get Dulux paint in a variety of colors. 

Furthermore, the paints are available in different sizes including very small containers and big 20 litres and above sizes. Dulux is a global brand so the company isn’t present in Nigeria alone. In Nigeria, the company currently has their headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos State. 

  1. Meyer Paints

Meyer paints are suitable for all types of painting works. This includes but isn’t limited to wood paints, architectural paints, auto refinishes, and industrial and marine paints. When you buy Meyer Paints, you can be rest assured that you’re buying quality paints. 

If not, it won’t be on the list of best paints to buy in Nigeria. Meyer Paints was formed from Hagemeyer Nigeria Limited, producer of the Sigma Paints so they still retain the same quality. 

  1. Berger Paints

Berger paints is a Nigerian paint brand founded a year before independence. The company is named after Lewis Berger, who was a renowned German color chemist. Lewis Berger founded Berger Paints in the mid 18th century and Berger Paints Nigeria is just one part of the global dynasty. 

Berger Paints is a popular paint brand in the coating and allied industry. Like most other paint companies, Berger Paints has her headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. 

  1. Eagle Paints

Eagle Paints Nigeria needs no introduction. This paint company has been around in Nigeria since 1979 when it was incorporated. The brand, however, is part of the global Eagles Paints brand that’s based in Cairo, Egypt. Eagle Paints produces and distributes decorative paints in different colors. 

Also, the company produces different types of paint products and they come in different sizes. Eagle Paints describes itself as a market leader that gives customers worth for their money. Some of their popular products include Satin, Solo, Supercote Xtra, Supercote, Lite, Basic, EagleTex, Gloss, and Primers. 

  1. IPWA Paints

International Paints West Africa (IPWA) is a paint brand offering quality products since 1961. The paint is one of the best you can buy as the company follows global standards to produce top notch paints. They also produce different coatings and finishes. 

You can purchase Marine ,Protective ,Packaging, Industrial and coil coatings from IPWA. In addition, you can purchase regular building paints, automotive refinishes, and wood finishes. So far, the company has distributors across Nigeria with thousands of products sold. 

  1. Portland Paints

This paint brand is well known for producing decorative and industrial paint products. Coming a long way, Portland Paints started off as a mini-department in the West African Portland Cement (WAPCO) company. From there, they expanded to become an independent company in 2004. 

Some of Portland paint sub-brands include Sandtex High Quality Decorative & Industrial Paints, Hempel Marine & Protective Coatings for the Oil and Gas sector, and Armitage Shank and Ideal Standard high quality sanitary ware. If you’re familiar with these names, know that Portland is the company behind them. 

  1. Trumpcoat Paints

Trumpcoat, a product of Integrated Coating Technology, is a dynamic paint production company in Nigeria. Trump Coat paints are renowned to have superior quality, durability, and reliability. The excellent quality and technical diversity of the paints demonstrate how experienced the company is. 

You’ll find Trumpcoat paints in different varieties. Some of the top ones include Trump Acrylic Emulsion, Trump Texcoat, Trump Gloss, Trump Sheen, Trump matt, Trump silk, Protective wood sheen, Epoxy, and Trump Flex. You can purchase the paints and have them supplied to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. 

  1. Premier Paints

Premier Paints Plc manufactures and sells paint and coating products in Nigeria. Among their industrial range of products are red oxide primers, bright aluminum paint for street light poles, bridge railings and storage tanks, black bituminous paint, and quick dry cellulose. 

Others include fast dry enamel, primer surfacers, alkyd floor paint, epoxy floor paint, roof paint and stoving enamel paint. Premier Paint is a Red Sea Housing Services Company Limited subsidiary. The main company is headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Chemstar Paints

Self-acclaimed as the home of high-quality paints, Chemstar Paints Ind. (Nig.) Ltd was established on May 23, 1995. Not long after the company began producing and marketing high-quality paints and related products. . 

Chemstar Paints has introduced a number of award-winning local and foreign products to the market throughout the years. You will always be able to choose a product that fulfills your current demand thanks to the broad selection of colors available in several categories. 

  1. Prestige Paints 

Prestige Paints Company Limited is a well-run company that specializes in Industrial and Decorative Paints. They provide a diverse paint collection that can be used to attain desired outcomes. 

So far, the company has been meeting the needs of the majority of Nigerian concerns in terms of Protective and Decorative Finishing of assets spanning Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Protective painting to name a few.

Bottom Line 

Choosing the best paint brand to buy can be difficult. Some are better in terms of paint finish and application, others are better for other types of finishes. To help you choose the best paint for your project, we’ve looked at paint companies we have in Nigeria. You can choose any of the top 10 best paints listed in the article.