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Best Online Jobs For Nigerian Students In 2022

As a student, there’s always a need to earn some extra money. University, especially in Nigeria, is expensive. Fortunately, we have the internet now so you don’t have to go look for a job. You can work using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop; there are many online jobs available. 

However, not all online jobs will work for students. To enable you to still focus on your education, you need online jobs that won’t take 100% of your time. Good news! Such online jobs exist. Check out the best online jobs for Nigerian students below:  

  • Freelancing 

This is already a very popular online job. You can construct a portfolio for your jobs and use previous jobs as references. When applying for a writing job, write a résumé that highlights your skills. You may need to strengthen your editing abilities and add them to your resume if you can notice flaws in written work. These include Problogger, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. 

  • Social Media Management 

You can help people and businesses manage their social media accounts. To handle these clients, you will need to know social networking networks. You must write posts and updates regarding the company or person. In addition, you may have to answer client questions online. Like most online jobs, Upwork and Fiverr may help you find online clients. 

  • Online Teaching   

If you have mastered a subject, can teach it properly, and are comfortable with online teaching tools, online coaching may be for you. It is a great way to earn money while teaching others. This position allows you to coach pupils one-on-one or in groups. Individual coaching pays more. There are many platforms where you can sell your knowledge and make money; you can even publish on YouTube. In addition, it mustn’t be video lessons, you can teach online using podcasts. 

  • Data Manager  

Anyone can enter data. You only need a computer and good typing skills. The job is simple enough to do in your spare time. Many students generate money doing this type of work, which can be found on websites like Guru, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer. 

  • Virtual Assistants 

As a virtual assistant, you’re primarily a remote secretary. However, since it’s a remote position, you don’t really need secretarial or administrative skills. All you need are solid organizing and communication skills, which you may learn as a student. This includes data entry, research, social media administration, and website upkeep. How much you can make per work depends on the job and the organization or individual offering it. Payment varies, and if you have numerous clients, you might make a lot of money. Jobs for virtual assistants can be found on sites like Fancy Hands and Upwork. 

  • Remote customer support 

Decent communication skills might get you a good online call center or customer service job. If you enjoy talking on the phone, it may be another way to earn money from your hobby. Bilinguals or those with sales and marketing experience generally excel in this career. For example, you can earn good money if you can speak all of Nigeria’s major languages Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. You can work late at night or on weekends to meet your academic schedule. Your duties may include taking calls, selling goods or services, and entering client data. The company’s brand will dictate what you do for them. 

  • Surveying 

These days, students can earn money by taking paid online surveys. Each site’s demographics requirements vary, so you’ll need to research a lot to discover one that matches your skills. Such as Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and others. Check if you meet their standards. 

  • Sell online 

You can always sell your old stuff online and make good money. You can also buy products in bulk and resell them cheaply to anyone. Create a niche around your products to sell specific items. You can also sell used and unused products. Find what works for you and go with the flow. Your old clothes, CDs, DVDs, gift cards, books, phones, etc. could be sold and money produced. In Nigeria, the best online platform to use for this is Jiji; you can also set up your own website.

  • Blogging 

Students who enjoy writing may choose to blog. Find an interest and create content around it. As a student, you can choose academic topics that interest you. Your area of study may also be a good emphasis. Write outstanding blog content in your leisure time. Registration, design, hosting, and promotion of your blog are all required. Blogging doesn’t make you rich overnight. It may take a long time to earn money via blogging. The amount you make depends on the site’s traffic. Knowledge with SEO and keywords is a plus. 

  • Freelance designer 

This online job is always trending no matter the year; so long as digital devices exist, people will always need designs. Graphic design skills can be put to use and earn you a lot of money. Flyers, logos, e-books, and websites all require graphic designers. Sites like Dribble, Upwork, Fiverr, 99designs, The Dots, and others pay well for graphic designers.

Bottom Line 

If you’ve promised yourself that you’ll be serious and make some good income this year, then you should find the information in this article very valuable. I’ve outlined the best online jobs for Nigerian students in 2022. These are jobs you can do remotely and at your convenience; you can go with any that most suits you.