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Best Oil Perfumes In Nigeria (2023)

We all want to look neat, and for that, the general recommendation is to bathe daily. But, aside from looking neat, we also want to smell good. Thankfully, many perfumes and fragrances are on the market to help you smell good.

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase perfume, you’ll agree that high-end ones are usually expensive. It’s not uncommon to see perfumes and fragrances costing up to one hundred thousand naira.

Nevertheless, there are always more affordable options for you. Oil perfumes, for example, don’t cost too much. You can get a good quality perfume for less than five thousand naira. And these perfumes have a long-lasting scent.

In this post, we look at the best oil perfumes in Nigeria. You can purchase any of these perfumes and start smelling good immediately. Check out the list below:

1. Ozy & Ozera

Ozy & Ozera is a popular oil perfume in Nigeria recommended for men. The perfume comes in different sizes. But it is usually available in 3 ml containers and comes with 36 pieces in a box. Notably, each of the pieces comes with a unique scent.

As you’d expect from an oil perfume, Ozy & Ozera last long before wearing off. In particular, the scent can stay on you for up to 72 hours. It’s a safe perfume you can use on your body or clothes.

To get the best from Ozy & Ozera oil perfume, apply it 30 minutes before you step outside. The perfume needs the time to develop, so it blends well with your body scent. Although there are different scents in the container, sticking with one scent is advisable.

As mentioned earlier, Ozy & Ozera oil perfume is popular for men. Nevertheless, you can also use it if you’re a woman. Surely, you’ll find a scent in the box that matches your feminine style.

Where to get Ozy & Ozera Oil Perfume

You can purchase Ozy & Ozera oil perfume from any oil perfume shop close to you. Many online vendors also sell the product as it’s popular.

2. Marbit Man

At number two, we have another relatively popular oil perfume in Nigeria: Marbit Man. Marbit Man is one of the many oil perfumes from the Surrati brand. And, it won’t be an overstatement to say it’s one of the best from Surrati.

While many oil perfumes typically come in small containers, Marbit Man usually comes in a 100 ml bottle. However, the 100 ml bottle sells for around twenty thousand naira. If the price is high for you, go for a smaller size. 

You can get Marbit Man oil perfume in smaller containers for around five thousand naira. Also, there are smaller 6 ml containers selling for just one thousand naira – or less.

Marbit Man has a long-lasting smell, even though it contains no alcohol. The major spices that give it its scent are Oudh, sandalwood, rosewood, cardamom, and Sichuan pepper.

Regardless of its name, Marbit Man is one of the best oil perfumes in Nigeria for men and women.

Where to get Marbit Man Oil Perfume

Due to its popularity, you’ll find Marbit Man in any shop that sells oil perfume. It’s not an overstatement; the perfume is everywhere in Nigeria.

3. Gandour Touch

With Gandour Touch, you only need a touch to last you an entire day – Un Touche, as they say in French. The oil perfume stands apart from many others in the market due to its unique packaging.

Gandour Touch is an affordable oil perfume. You can purchase a set of five bottles for less than four thousand naira. Interestingly, all five bottles are different scents, differentiated by colour. The colours include Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, and Blue. 

Some packagings come with six instead of five. In such packagings, the extra scent is Oud. So, irrespective of your style, you will find a scent that suits it. Also, there are scents for men and women. The most popular of all five scents, however, is Yellow.

When purchasing perfume, most Nigerians love to go for foreign products. If you’re in that bracket, you can consider Gandour Touch, a France-based brand.

Where to get Gandour Touch Oil Perfume

Gandour Touch has outlets in different Nigerian cities, especially at malls. However, most buyers usually get it online by contacting the sellers via social media.

4. Aqua 121

Here we have another oil perfume from the Surrati brand: Aqua 121 – also stylised as Aqva 121. This oil perfume is more or less an upgrade from the Surrati EDT/EDP oil perfume. So, when you purchase it, you get one of the best possible scents.

Like the previous Surrati perfume, this one also contains no alcohol. In addition to being an upgrade of the EDT/EDP oil perfume, Aqua 121 was also inspired by the Carolina Herrera 212 Men Aqua perfume.

Aqua 121 is a more affordable oil perfume from Surrati. You can get the 100 ml size for around fifteen thousand naira. For comparison, the previously mentioned Marbit Man perfume costs up to twenty thousand naira for the same size.

Furthermore, note that Aqua 121 is a unisex oil perfume. You can use it whether you’re a man or a woman.

Where to get Aqua 121 Oil Perfume

Aqua 121 is relatively popular. So, it should be present in perfume shops in Nigeria. If you can’t find it, however, you can easily order the oil perfume online.

5. Aventus Oil

Aventus Oil is a shoot-off oil perfume brand from Aventus Creed. The brand was launched in 2021 and has quickly gone on to become one of the best oil perfumes in Nigeria.

To understand how good this oil perfume is, you can consider how long Aventus has been in the perfume business: 120 years. Having operated that long, you would expect nothing less than quality from the brand.

Aventus Oil perfume is unique as it fuses twelve different notes. The top notes consist of Black Currant, Apple, Pineapple, and Bergamot. Meanwhile, the middle notes are Jasmine, Rose, Birch, and Patchouli, and the base notes are Oakmoss, Musk, Ambergris, and Vanilla.

You can already imagine the Aventus Oil perfume scent from the notes if you’re a perfume expert. You’re not? That’s fine. What you get from the combination of the notes is a fruity scent — a rich smell. Notably, Aventus Oil perfumes usually come in eye-pleasing, durable packaging. 

Where to get Aventus Oil Perfume

Aventus Oil perfume is not limited to oil perfume shops. You should find this oil perfume in shops that sell high-end perfumes.

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6. Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a classic designer brand, internationally acclaimed. In Nigeria, you can get Tom Ford oil perfumes in different flavours and sizes, and many people who use them confirm they are among the bests.

You may get scared if you check the prices of Tom Ford’s designer perfumes. For example, the TOM FORD Ombre Leather perfume costs over one hundred and fifty thousand naira for a 100 ml bottle.

Thankfully, the oil perfumes are much more affordable. You can get a 100 ml Tom Ford Tobacco Oud oil perfume for around five thousand naira – a huge price difference.

The Tobacco Oud is the most popular Tom Ford oil perfume fragrance. Nevertheless, others may suit your style. In particular, there are ten other fragrances, including Patchouli Absolute, Tuscan Leather, Fucking Fabulous, Black Orchid, Tom Ford Men, Soliel Blanc, Tobacco Vanilla, Brown Orchid, And Amber Absolute.

Where to get Tom Ford Oil Perfume

Tom Ford is perhaps the easiest oil perfume on this list to find. It’s more common in oil perfume shops than any other brand. 

7. Burberry

Burberry is an oil perfume that promises to last all day. Indeed, it lasts all day, which is why it ranks among the best oil perfumes in Nigeria.

The brand, Burberry, is renowned. They have been in the business since 1856, so their blend is both antique and modern.

The Burberry oil perfume is unisex and has a fruity scent anyone would love. This smell is due to the top notes, consisting of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, pineapple, mandarin orange, and melon.

When you search for the oil perfume in the market or online, you’ll usually get the 50 ml bottle. The bottle sells for five to seven thousand naira.

You can still get Burberry oil perfume in a smaller size if you find the 50 ml bottle expensive. Likewise, the perfume is available in larger sizes as well. Nevertheless, regardless of what bottle size you go for, you get value for your money with Burberry.

Where to get Burberry Oil Perfume

The Burberry 50 ml oil perfume is easy to get in Nigeria. It comes in a diamond-designed bottle, so you can easily identify it. Purchasing the oil perfume online is also an option.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Oil Perfumes In Nigeria

Is oil perfume long-lasting?

Perfume oils typically last long. They can last up to three days if applied on clothing, which is far more lasting than sprays. If you apply the oil perfume to your skin, it’ll also last for long – at least four hours.

Oil perfumes last longer because they activate with time. The scent of your oil perfume doesn’t become strong immediately after application. The notes take around thirty minutes to activate, so the scent gets stronger.

What is the best oil perfume for ladies in Nigeria?

Many oil perfumes in the above list will work well for women in Nigeria. However, if you need a direct recommendation, you can go for Gandour Touch or Ozy & Ozera. These best oil perfumes in Nigeria come in different scents and flavours. You should find one that works well for you as a lady.

Where should you put perfume oil?

You can apply oil perfume using the roller head on the perfume container. Gently massage your palms together after placing one or more drops of perfume oil in it or the inner wrist. Then, apply the fragrant oil by softly brushing the palms of your hands over your clothing.

This method keeps the garments from soiling and ensures the perfume oil covers a significant portion of the clothing. However, the oil may be visible after application if your cloth is white or any other light color. In such situations, you should apply them directly to your skin.

Apply a drop of the perfume on the inside of your wrists, around your jawline, and behind your earlobes. You can also rub it into the tips of your hair or beard.

Are perfume oils better than sprays?

Spray, although first seeming powerful, vaporises into the air after two to three hours. This is because they are alcohol-based, and alcohol evaporates when exposed to oxygen.

Perfume oils, on the other hand, don’t wear off quickly. Depending on the scent combination, they last on your skin for 4-5 hours. As your skin warms up, fragrance oils begin to radiate outward as the heat triggers them.

Some scents don’t go with some skin types, and most time, the problem is with sprays. Again, the reason is the alcohol content. In general, perfume oils are safer for sensitive skin types.

Bottom Line

Oil perfumes are better than sprays in many ways. So, it’s not surprising everyone wants them. Out of the many options in the market, we have picked the best oil perfumes in Nigeria. You can opt for any of them that suits your style and meets your budget.