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Best Nigerian News App 2022: Top 10 List

Without information, we’ll all be lost. Knowing what’s happening around you is pivotal to survival. Fortunately, in today’s technology-driven world, you literally have all the information in your hand – via your smartphone. 

There’s a panoply of mobile apps available where you’ll find the latest news about stuff happening in Nigeria and all around the world. In this article, I’ll be listing out the best Nigerian News apps. Check them out below:  

  1. Opera News App

The Opera News App is perhaps the most popular Nigerian news app, available for both iPhone and iOS users. It’s popularity is affiliated with that of the Opera browser where it’s usually featured. With the Opera News App, you get access to local and international news from over 15,000 sources. It’s a very easy to use app and you can personalise your feed so you only get news on topics you’re interested in. Thanks to the notifications and widget, you won’t miss any breaking news. 

  1. Punch News App

You already know the Punch as a renowned newspaper. Well, you can download the official Punch news app and access all news updates from your mobile phone. The app features a homepage of the latest breaking news. Then, there are categories to narrow the updates including politics, business, interview, sports, and opinion categories among others. With the unique notifications and high customizability, you get to view news just how you want it. Furthermore, the app is very lightweight. 

  1. Legit.Ng App

Formerly known as NAIJ, Legit.Ng is a Nigerian news reporting force. The website – – is the most visited news website in Nigeria. You can access news on the platform more conveniently now with the mobile app. boasts of being the number digital news publisher in Nigeria. With the mobile app, you get access to the latest Nigerian news, education news, business and economic news, world news, and political news to name a few. Notably, you can customize the news feed, save bookmarks, easily share news stories, and drop comments.

  1. Punch ePaper App 

The Punch ePaper is different from the official punch news app mentioned earlier. What you get with the Punch ePaper app is a complete digital version of the Punch paper prints. In other words, the app contains exactly what you’ll find in a hard copy Punch newspaper. The news are rendered exactly how the hard copy is – the designs and alignment of the cover page, back page, and inside pages remain the same. One major feature of this news app is that you can easily translate the content into over 15 foreign languages.

  1. Channels 24 App

Channels 24 is another very popular news company in Nigeria. Their TV station – Channels TV – is among the most watched in Nigeria, especially in the south. The Channels 24 app has more than 4,000 installations on iOS alone. One of the main reasons why it’s one of the best Nigerian news apps is that you not only get access to text news reports but also videos from the TV station. In fact, you can live stream news programs as video or audio. Also, there are recorded news shows which you can listen to as podcasts. 

  1. Google News App

Google, as a platform, needs no introduction. We all make use of Google to get information including news. You can find almost everything online via Google so it’s not surprising how reliable the Google News App is. This app brings you the top news from both local and international reports. Also, there are stories curated from top sources and you can get even more with multiple perspectives. The app features “Briefing” – a feature that gives you a quick rundown of all the hottest current happenings. 

  1. BBC News App

If you’re asked to mention any renowned news platform you know, I’m sure you’ll mention BBC. The platform even has variants in Nigerian local languages – BBC Pidgin, BBC Hausa, BBC Yoruba, and BBC Igbo. With all of these, it’s hard to see any reason why the BBC News app shouldn’t be one of the best to use. News on BBC is delivered from a network of renowned journalists in Nigeria and all around the world. You can personalise the news feed to your preference and there are also videos and audios to play/listen to.  

  1. Al Jazeera English App

Al Jazeera is another popular news outlet, perhaps most popular for the TV station. Al Jazeera news is natively Arabic but there’s also the English version. The Al Jazeera English app brings together breaking news, stories, reports, and alerts to keep you informed. You get round the clock access to video and audio news streaming. Notably, you can watch the TV channel using the app. The app comes with features to bookmark not just articles but also programmes and topics.

  1. Twitter App

Yes, you can argue that Twitter is a social media – or social network platform – and not exclusively a news platform. Well, you can get the best and latest news via Twitter, via the trends table. Whenever there’s a major global event, especially political ones, you can follow it in real-time on Twitter. The social network has evolved from being just a platform where people tweet their thoughts to becoming a platform for finding out what’s happening, anywhere, everywhere, anytime, and everytime.

  1. Reuters News App

Last here is Reuters. While it’s not a much popular news outlet in Nigeria, Reuters is an unmatched source of global news. You get the latest breaking news in an intuitive interface with this app. Notably, the Reuters News App will become a favourite if you are most interested in financial and legal news.