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10 Best Nigerian Movies Apps For Android

We all love our Nollywood movies. However, not everyone has the time now to sit in front of a TV to watch them. Well, you don’t have to as you can easily watch them on the go with your Android phone. Check out the best Nigerian movies app for Android; 

1. Netflix 

Netflix is the most popular video streaming platform in the world and also in Nigeria. On Netflix, you’ll find a lot of foreign movies and TV series which is what most Nigerians watch on the app. However, one thing you’ll also find is Nollywood movies. Most modern Nollywood movies that you would usually watch at the cinema are available on Netflix. Hence, you may not find the very regular Nigerian movies on the platform. The Netflix app is a premium one so you’ll have to pay monthly for subscription to watch Nigerian movies on the app. 

2. Iroko TV

Before the advent of Netflix in Nigeria, Iroko TV was the go-to app for mobile movie streaming. It still is to a lot of Nigerians. Iroko TV features thousands of not just Nigerian movies but also Ghananian movies. You’ll find both regular and cinema-type Nollywood movies on this app. You can either stream the movies online or download to watch them offline. The app is very easy to use as the UI is very easy to navigate. You can quickly find any movie you’re looking for. Iroko TV requires a subscription to watch. 

3. Nollywood Namaste TV

Nollywood Namaste TV is one of the newest Nigerian movies apps on the play store. However, it’s also one of the best especially when it comes to watching regular Nollywood movies. The app features most Nollywood movies and TV shows, also you can stream live shows. You’ll find an unending list of movies to watch as everyday, more and more movies get added. The app notifies you whenever there’s a new movie release and you can watch the movie trailer forehand. Subscription is flexible as you can pay daily, monthly, or yearly. 

4. IbakaTV

IbakaTV is home for Nollywood blockbuster movies. It’s a subscription based video streaming service but you can use it free for 14 days first before paying any money. You can use the IbakaTV app not on your mobile phone alone but also tablet and laptop. Notably, IbakaTV supports HD for some contents anc it depends on your internet connection. IbakaTV allows you to pay monthly, quarterly, annually, and bi-annually. Their subscription rates are relatively cheap. You can easily reach their support team on Whatsapp if you have any issues with the app. 

5. CongaTV 

CongaTV brings you the best selection of Nollywood movies for your entertainment. It’s a subscription based service and once you pay, you can watch Nigerian movies seamlessly without worrying about ads. New movies are added every now and then so you also have fresh options to go with. The app supports different video qualities and video speeds so you can set your preference. In addition to Nollywood movies, the CongaTV mobile app also features Ghananian movies. Like most other apps, the movies available can be streamed online or you download them to watch later.

6. MyNollyApp

MyNollyApp is undoubtedly one of the best Nigerian movies apps for Android. You’ll find a lot of Nollywood movies available for streaming on this app and an advantage is that it’s very easy to use. The app brings you content from other platforms including YouTube, Netflix, IbakaTV, Iroko TV etc. Hence, if you have this app, you may not need all the other apps. You have nothing to worry about as the app has 100% legal rights to feature these movies. From the popular section, you can easily find the Nollywood movies trending at any particular time. 

7. NetNaija 

NetNaija is one of the most popular websites for downloading movies in Nigeria. There’s a chance that you must have downloaded at least one movie on the platform. Well, the mobile app works as good too. If you need a free Nigerian movie app, you should consider this. With the NetNaija app, you don’t have to pay for any subscription to watch your favorite Nollywood movies. All you need to do is to browse the available movies and download any you want. It’s just like using the website to download these movies. 

8. Airtel TV 

Are you an Airtel user? You must have gotten a message from the network provider asking you to watch movies on Airtel TV. Android users can access unlimited Nigerian movies using the Airtel TV app. In addition to that, you can also watch and live stream TV channels. An interesting feature of this app is the data saver that allows you to save data while enjoying optimal video quality. So long as you’re an Airtel user, you don’t need to pay for subscription – just have data.

9. Prime Video

Prime Video is a video streaming platform you would run to for watching fresh Hollywood movies like the recent 2021 Coming To America movie. However, the platform has been adding more and more Nollywood content to their library so their Nigerian audience can enjoy it. This began in around 2019. There isn’t a pack load of Nollywood movies on Prime Video but there’s enough to catch all the fun. The platform is subscription based and one of the best for watching classic Nigerian movies. 

10. NollyLand

Last but not the least on this list of best Nigerian movies apps for Android is NollyLand. NollyLand boasts of a catalog of thousands of Nigerian and African movies. The app allows you to cast and watch using your TV and you can download movies for offline viewing. No commercials are featured so you can enjoy your movies without interruption. You can watch movies by paying for subscription or purchasing in-app credits for pay-as-you-go. 

Enjoy movies with any of the 10 best Nigerian movies apps for Android listed in this article. As Android apps, you can find them all on the Google Play Store.