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Best Malaria Drugs In Nigeria (2021)

Nigeria accounted for 23% of the global malaria cases in the world in 2019. It was the highest for any country. The country still records high malaria cases despite all measures taken to reduce the deadly illness. Fortunately, you can eliminate Malaria quickly via treatment. 

You can either take malaria drugs, get an injection or receive a drip. Malaria drugs are the easiest and most viable option. You can easily purchase drugs by walking into any pharmacy store close to you. Which malaria drugs should you buy? Check out the best malaria drugs in Nigeria below: 

1. Amatem Forte 

The first drug here is Amatem. Amatem Forte is a very popular malaria drug in Nigeria. It is specifically for treating non-severe malaria. This means you can use it at the early stages of the sickness. Don’t use Amatem Forte if the malaria in your system is severe. Also, Amatem isn’t for preventing malaria. You should only use it to treat malaria. The drug is a combination of artemether and lumefantrine. You can get a packet of Amatem for around N1,300.

2. Coartem

Coartem is another very popular malaria drug in Nigeria. It’s used to treat malaria systems. Coartem is very safe and effective. You don’t have to use it along with other drugs to treat your malaria. You should only take Coartem as an adult. The drug isn’t yet certified for intake by children. If it’s a child that has malaria, it’s best that you talk to your doctor if you can give them Coartem. Coartem, like Amatem, contains artemether and lumefantrine. 

3. Lonart

Lonart usually comes in a packet of 6 tablets. The drug treats malaria by fighting off malaria parasites in your system. You shouldn’t chew or break this medicine when you take it. Simply take it with water or swallow it whole if you can. It’s very important that you eat food before taking Lonart. The Lonart malaria drug is a product of Bliss Gvs Pharma Limited. The 6 packet tablets cost around N1,900. 

4. Artequin

At number 4, we have Artequin. You can easily find this drug at pharmacies in hospitals. It may not be regular at street pharmacies. You can also purchase the drug online. Artequin has Artesunate and Mefloquine as the main ingredients unlike the other malaria drugs we’ve discussed in this article. Artequin is very effective which is why it’s one of the most expensive malaria drugs. The drug cost around N2,000 to N3,000 for a packet of 6 tablets. 

5. Camosunate

Camosunate is a malaria drug for adults. However, there are Camosunate malaria drugs for kids. Therefore, you have to check the drug package to see the age recommendation for the particular one available. The most popular ones in Nigeria are the adult variant. Camosunate is one of the best malaria drugs in Nigeria as well. It’s ideal for chloroquine resistant malaria which is relatively common in Nigeria. There’s also the Camosunate Plus which is a stronger version of the malaria drug.

6. Silybon 

Silybon is not a very popular malaria drug. However, it’s NAFDAC approved which makes it a safe malaria drug in Nigeria. Silybon normally comes in a packet of 30 tablets. The drug is relatively affordable compared to other malaria drugs. You can purchase a packet for around N1,500. Silybon isn’t meant to treat malaria alone. Therefore, it’s best to only use this malaria drug if it’s prescribed by your doctor or physician. The drug increases your appetite. 

7. Garytem

Garytem releases levels of haeme in the blood. Haeme is a substance that destroys malaria parasites. The drug is best for non-severe malaria. It prevents malaria from spreading and getting worse. The price of Garytem varies. Some stores sell it for around N1,500 while others sell for up to N2,000. Garytem is among the class of antimalarial drugs that contain artemether and lumefantrine. The drug comes in a pack of 6 tablets. It’s a product of AGARY. 

8. Qinghao 

Unlike most other malaria drugs on this list. Qinghao is a herbal treatment. As a result, it can cure other illnesses aside from malaria. What the drug does is to boost your immune system. It makes your immune system stronger so it can kill off the malaria parasites. It’s not just a treatment for malaria but also a treatment to prevent malaria. If you’ve taken a lot of other drugs without solution. Qinghao will be a good choice. 

9. Colart 

Colart is an anti-malaria drug for children and adults. It’s best for treating acute malaria. A Colart tablet contains 20 Mg of artemether and 120 Mg of lumefantrine. You must take this drug along with food. Milk is also a good option especially for kids. It’s recommended that you make use of Colart only on medical prescription. In other words, it’s not an ideal drug to administer on your own. 

10. Herbal Mixture

Lastly, here are the herbal mixtures. We have a lot of them in Nigeria. Before laboratory-produced drugs were introduced in Nigeria, we’ve been treating illnesses with herbs and roots for centuries. These herbs and roots are still effective today. There are several herbal mixtures formulated to treat malaria. These mixtures are more marketed offline than online. Hence, I can’t actually recommend any for you. You can ask around your area but know that they are very effective. 

Bottom Line

The NAFDAC is taking extreme measures to combat fake drugs in Nigeria. However, the menace still lingers. Ensure you purchase your malaria drugs from a verified medical store to avoid purchasing fake. Generally, take drugs following a licensed doctor’s prescription.