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Best Electric Cookers In Nigeria: Top 10 2023

Rather than use a gas cooker or kerosene stove to prepare meals, you can opt for an electric cooker. Electric cookers are relatively easier to use and manage. All you need to do is plug the power cable into an electric socket and you can begin cooking.

But only the best electric cookers will serve. As a result, in this post, we look at the best electric cookers in Nigeria. Check them out below:

1. Pyramid Double Burner Electric Hotplate

This Pyramid Electric Cooker works as a double burner. It’s a sturdy electronic, thanks to the refined stainless steel build, and the design is elegant as well. But apart from aesthetics, it’s one of the best electric cookers in Nigeria for notable reasons. The cooker features various heat operations with two auto-thermostat options. In addition, there are two on and off indicator lights. All these contribute to ensure an efficient operation.

2. Pyramid Hot Plate Single Burner

Number two on this list of best electric cookers in Nigeria is still a Pyramid product. However, this one is different as it has just a single burner. It’s an ideal option if you’re on a low budget, as you can get it for around N10,000. Since it’s a single burner, one of the main advantages of opting for this product is that it’s portable. Also, it’s compact. As a result, it’ll fit in any kitchen size, big or small.

3. Crown Star Infrared Induction Electric Stove Cooker Hotplate

Crown Star produced one of its best-ever kitchen appliances with this infrared induction electric stove. The infrared feature makes it stand out from many other products in the market. Yet, it’s a power efficient product, as it works with just 220 to 240 volts. The electric cooker has three smart cooking modes. They are boil, fry, and hotpot and you can go with any depending on your cooking needs.

4. Saisho Electric Hotplate -Double Burner

Saisho joins the long list of local electronic brands, although the name sounds foreign. With the Saisho Electric Hotplate, you can be rest assured that you have one of the best electric cookers in the Nigerian market. It’s an electric cooker you can use for preparing and reheating meals. And the hotplate comes with a secure coating to keep it safe and void of electric shocks. Another notable feature of the cooker is that it’s compact and easy to use.

5. Phiima 2 Electric Burner Ceramic Built In Hob

The Phiima 2 Electric Burner is a high-end product, different from commonplace electric cookers. It costs over N120,000, and it’s easy to understand why considering the product features. The primary features include the black iron coating bottom, heavy-cast iron pan, metal knob, quality sitter, beveled glass panel, and tempered glass panel. You can use this electric cooker to prepare foods at a relatively high heat. Despite all its many high-end features, using the burner isn’t expensive.

6. Super Sony Double Hot Plate Electric

Super Sony is popular for electronics like electric cookers, and their Double Hot Plate Electric cooker proves to be one of the best. It’s an affordable product, and durable due to the sealed enamel finish. You’ll find the electric cooker easy to use thanks to the thermostar control. With the thermostar control, you can easily switch control from simmer to boil and vice versa.

7. Sokany Electric Stove Hot Plate

The Sokany Electric Stove Hot Plate is an electric cooker you can use with any cookware. Made with stainless steel, the cooker comes with overheat and overcurrent protection. As a result, it won’t damage any cookware you use, irrespective of the material. In addition, the electric cooker has high and low voltage protection. The knob control is convenient and makes the appliance easy to use. It’s worth mentioning that the body is stainless steel and easy to clean.

8. Daewoo Hot Plate DHP 6208

With less than N20,000, this Daewoo Hot Plate Electric Cooker could be yours. It’s one of the most affordable in the market. But the low cost isn’t what the product has to offer. It also comes with an auto-thermostat and indicator light, which are some features you’ll expect from a modern electric cooker. Furthermore, as all Daewoo products, this electric cooker is sturdy, with a sleek appearance that’ll fit any kitchen.

9. Saisho – Single Electric Hot Plate

Do you need a single burner electric cooker? If yes, in addition to the already mentioned ones, this Saisho electric cooker is one of the best. As you’d expect, the electric cooker is affordable, and sells for less than N10,000. You can count on this superior quality electric cooker to warm and heat your food when necessary. It’ll last for you as it is made with coated iron that won’t rust.

10. Ewant 6L Digital Pressure Cooker Non Stick Pot

The last product on this list of best electric cookers in Nigeria is an exclusive one. It’s not just an electric cooker, but also an electric pot. As a result, you can cook directly inside it. It’s a safe electric cooker with pressure control, which will automatically turn off the power if the pressure gets too high. It’ll turn on the cooker again when the pressure is back to normal. Other notable features of this cooker include the pressure limit valve, anti-block cover, and thermostat.