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Best Coding Schools In Lagos, Nigeria

Many Nigerians want to become coders, programmers. They want to build websites, software, mobile applications, and all the others. If you’re one of them, the good news is that there are quality coding schools all over Nigeria you can attend.

At these schools, you’ll learn all you need on programming, so much that you can rival any programmer anywhere in the world. Irrespective of what coding language you want to learn, you’ll find a school for it.

In this post, our focus is on the commercial capital of Nigeria: Lagos. As busy as Lagos is, you will expect the state to have hundreds – if not thousands – of coding schools. That is true, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best ones.

So, we’ll be listing ten of the best coding schools in Lagos. Check them out below.

1. Lagos School of Programming (LASOP)

Address: 114 Iju Rd, Ijaye 102212, Lagos

The Lagos School of Programming (LASOP) is located at Iju road. It’s a recommended coding school in Lagos if you live in Olowora and other nearby areas.

As a top coding school, LASOP aims to produce the best programmers out of Africa. To fulfill this, they offer an extensive coding course curriculum. You can join them and take classes online or offline. Also, you can study part-time or full-time.

LASOP will accept you as a student even if you have zero coding knowledge. But it’s always an advantage when you do. Aside from the fees, you’ll only need a laptop to take the coding classes. It could be a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.

How much you pay will depend on the coding language you want to learn. For example, you will pay higher to learn an advanced language like Python than a basic one like HTML.

2. Univelcity 

Address: 42 Montgomery Rd, Sabo Yaba 101245, Lagos

Located in the famous Yaba area, Univelcity is a relatively popular coding school in Lagos. Not just a training school; it’s a boot camp where you can register and sharpen your coding skills.

Univelcity is open to both individual and corporate applicants. The school’s curriculum includes Python, UI/UX design, React JS, and Ethical Hacking, to name a few.

You’ll appreciate Univelcity if you need a coding school in Lagos that won’t take up all your time. Most of their coding courses take three months to complete. Only one, in fact, takes six months.

Also, the classes are not daily. Instead, some are twice a week, while others are Saturdays only. Typically, the cost of attending Univelcity differs depending on your course.

But most of the three-month courses cost N300,000. Notably, the six-month course — Full Stack Web Development — costs a million naira.

3. Jwitlon Computer Institute

Address: Suite 12d, Combine Plaza, Miccom bus stop, Egbeda Lagos Alimosho, 100275, Lagos.

The Jwilton Computer Institute is one of the most extensive coding schools in Lagos. So, it’s no surprise that it ranks among the best in the southwest state.

At this school, you can study application development, website design, software engineering, and software development. These are the top courses that will make you a coding professional.

After completing your coding programme at Jwilton Computer Institute, you get a nationally recognised certificate. You’ll also have fun during your stay at the institute.

The coding school gives all registered students access to free internet. Also, you can get up to a fifty percent discount on all courses at specific times of the year. With this, you can become a coding expert without paying much.

4. Anchorsoft Academy

Address: 2B Yinusa Adeniji street, Unity Rd, Off Toyin St, Ikeja

Anchorsoft Academy is an ideal coding school in Lagos for data scientists. If you’re unaware, data science and analysis are among the hottest areas in the programming industry. And these are the areas that the Anchorsoft Academy focuses on.

In particular, Anchorsoft Academy offers courses on data analysis, data science, and software development. In addition, there are boot camps for mobile, web, and restful API software developments.

Students who studied at the coding school attest to its conducive and interactive learning environment. Not to mention, the school has professional and helpful tutors.

Registering for an Anchorsoft Academy boot camp costs up to N200,000. Some courses, like Rest API development for mobile and web apps, cost N300,000. However, there are more affordable courses, like UI/UX design, which costs around N150,000.

5. CKDigital Academy

Address: 91 Ogudu Rd, Ojota 100242, Lagos.

This academy is popular for learning digital marketing in Lagos. But they also offer some of the best coding courses in the state. It’s a renowned school that opened over ten years ago, yet with a modern approach to learning.

Located in Ojota, CKDigital Academy boasts more than three hundred web design and digital marketing graduates. Some of their clients include VitaFoam, FMDO, and Red Star Express.

CKDigital Academy’s web design curriculum covers UI/UX design, WordPress website design, and front-end web development.

You won’t just learn how to code and build websites; you’ll also learn how to optimise websites for high conversion.

6. Melodia Coding Academy

Address: The City Mall Lagos, Onikan Roundabout, beside TBS, Lagos.

At Melodia Coding Academy, you can train to become an expert programmer with skills that will land you jobs immediately after you complete your programme. It does not matter whether you have previous coding experience, as the programmes are optimized for easy understanding.

Melodia Coding Academy covers five major coding areas. These are JavaScript, Java, mobile development, database management, and .NET technologies.

So, during your programme, you learn different coding languages – C#, C++, Java, Swift, Ionic, React native. Melodia Coding Academy also offers coding courses on AI, machine learning, cyber security, and the internet of things.

Aside from being a coding academy, Melodia is also a software development firm. This is good news for you as a student because you have the opportunity to join the firm if you stand out.

But note that to work at Melodia, you have to take an entrance examination. The entrance examination involves an aptitude test on mathematics. The key grading factor, however, is your speed in solving problems.

7. Moat Academy for Developers

Address: 5 Ogunsiji Close, Allen Ave, Allen 100281, Ikeja

Located on Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Moat Academy is a coding school that breeds programmers from novice to professional level. You can join the school whether you’re new to programming or not.

If you’re new to programming, then you’ll join the Fullstack Development Boot Camp. On the other hand, if you’re already a developer, then you’ll join the Secure Coding Boot Camp.

The Fullstack development boot camp lasts for twelve weeks. While the time may seem short, it isn’t, as you’ll cover a lot in that twelve weeks. As the instructors put it, you’ll learn more than you would in four years at the university. 

Aside from instructing you on the necessary programming skills, Moat Academy teaches you how to be employable. Alternatively, you’ll learn to be a freelancer (work independently) or an entrepreneur (employ others).

The Secure coding boot camp lasts for four days. It’s held only on Saturdays, so even if you work, you can make time to complete it. At the boot camp, you’ll learn how to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, design software, and much more.

8. New Horizons Nigeria

Address: 5 Babatola Cl, Ikeja 101233, Lagos

Described as a leading ICT training institute in Nigeria, New Horizons is one of the best coding schools in Lagos if you’re in Ikeja.

Notably, the training institute partners with some leading certification companies in Nigeria. Hence, upon completing your programming training, you get certificates that increase your employability.

Furthermore, New Horizons boasts a wide range of course collections. Irrespective of what aspect of programming you plan to focus on, there’s a high chance it’ll be on the institute’s course list.

Some of the courses include front-end web development, advanced web development, mobile application development, Java technology, and Python programming.

Each course has a different duration and brochure, which you can find on the New Horizons website. Take the advanced web development course, for example; it lasts three months with a ten-section-long course outline.

You can easily apply for any New Horizons course online. All it takes is to complete a Google docs form. Also, you get to choose your training location.

So, if you’re not in Lagos, you can choose other cities like Port Harcourt, Abuja, Akure, and Ibadan. Virtual learning is also an option.

9. Tech Studio Academy

Address: 3, Ogunlesi Street, Off Awoyokun St, Onipanu, Lagos

“The environment is great, and tutors are really good” — these are the words of one of Tech Studio Academy’s students. But the place has more to offer than a great environment. It also provides an extensive selection of courses.

At Tech Studio Academy, you can learn coding in data science and product design, to name a few. Although it has only existed for less than five years at the time of writing, the school boasts hundreds of graduates.

The primary course at the coding school is the JavaScript Full Stack Web Development Immersive course. The course lasts sixteen weeks and covers all the critical areas of JavaScript programming.

You can request a more in-depth overview of courses at the coding school when you visit their websites. You only need to provide your name and a few other details.

Aside from the training and the learning, Tech Studio Academy provides career support. In other words, the school will help you get hired so you can start making money as a professional programmer.

Your computer is the only requirement you need to register, in addition to the tuition fee, of course.

10. Codeprof Academy

Address: Block 15B, Rabiatu Thompson Crescent, Alh. Masha Rd, Surulere 101283, Lagos.

Are you in Surulere and nearby areas? If yes, you can consider registering with Codeprof Academy. The coding school is open from Monday to Sunday. As a result, you can choose any day you find convenient to attend.

At Codeprof Academy, you can study to become a full-stack web developer or software engineer. However, most students at the school opt for the full-stack web developer course.

It’s indeed a detailed programming course that lasts for five months. You learn all the key programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python. Notably, the full stack web developer course costs N250,000.

The software engineering course is relatively more affordable. And the course focuses on programming using C#. Notably, you’ll do a lot of real-life projects, which are not different from what you’ll face when you land a job.

One advantage of learning at Codeprof Academy is that you learn more than coding. You’ll also learn how to be an algorithmic thinker. Such a skill is rare and will make you a pro at solving problems.

Bottom Line

Coding and programming remain profitable careers in Nigeria and the world at large. So, you won’t be making the wrong decision if you choose to study with any of the best coding schools in Lagos listed above.

Regarding choosing, there are three main factors to consider: location, courses, and price. As you can see from the above post, these coding schools have different rates and are located in various areas around Lagos.

Ideally, you’ll pick an option closest to you, and that doesn’t cost a lot. However, it’s also essential to consider the course quality. The most comprehensive coding schools are usually expensive.