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Best Chemistry Textbooks For University Students In Nigeria

As a science student, chemistry is one of the courses you’ll need to take while in the University. Chemistry deals with the study of matter at the molecular level and it’s a very broad course. 

Without a good foundation, you’ll have issues keeping up with your chemistry courses in the University. Nevertheless, you can avoid that if you read your books and study hard. One of the best ways to do so is by purchasing a good Chemistry textbooks. 

A lot of chemistry textbooks are sold in bookshops all over Nigeria. How do you know which one will work for your University education? To help you out, below are the best chemistry textbooks for University students in Nigeria.

1. LamLad SSCE And UTME Chemistry

The first chemistry textbook here is the LamLad SSCE And UTME Chemistry textbook. It’s a book written by Nigerian authors – F.O Ayinde and F.O.I Asubiojo. The book is very popular in Nigerian secondary schools and universities; it’s one of the best available. 

From the description, the book was written to help SSCE and UTME students. Well, as a first year university student, most of the things you’ll learn are basic chemistry topics. You have to refresh your brain before going into the deeper topics and this book will help with that. 

A major reason why this book is one of the best chemistry textbooks for University students in Nigeria is that it’s very easy to use. Furthermore, it’s the most comprehensive book for SSCE and UTME revision in Nigeria.

Notably, the LamLad SSCE And UTME Chemistry textbook has more than 1,000 SSCE and UTME questions. The solution to every one of them is included too. Interestingly, the book has very unique revision strategies.

This textbook features 3 different models of matriculation examinations with detailed solutions for all questions. It features true or false type questions and there are concise revision tests to follow.

2. New School Chemistry 

New School Chemistry is another popular secondary school chemistry textbook that can save you as a university student in Nigeria. Written by Osei Yaw Ababio, this book features simple and understanding texts. 

This book mainly covers secondary school topics without much university topics. However, it’ll help you catch up with all the basic chemistry concepts that you should know. Notably, the book is highly recommended if you want to learn organic chemistry. 

The topics covered in this book are treated in a step by step pattern from beginner topics to the complex ones. As you study, you can easily keep track of each topic you learn which helps you easier comprehension and retention.  

Notably, the book features several interesting illustrations which makes chemistry all the more easy to learn. Most students who use this book for their O’Level exams attest to having A1s. If the same is applied to your beginner year in the University, you’ll score high as well.

New School Chemistry is one of the oldest and thus most used chemistry textbooks in Nigeria. It was first published in 1989 and is one of the number one bestselling chemistry textbooks in Nigeria. You can easily purchase it from any bookshop in Nigeria. 

3. Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

If you need a chemistry textbook that specifically targets university courses, this Karen C. Timberlake textbook is for you. The book will be more beneficial to you if you are a medical or biological science student as it goes deep into biological chemistry. 

This chemistry textbook book is still great for beginners. In fact, it can be used by someone with no prior knowledge of chemistry. Just start from the beginning and read up following the engaging content. Notably, the book was optimized to help develop student’s problem-solving skills. 

The Karen C. Timberlake’s Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry has been edited over 13 times. With each edition, new topic and examples get added.

Like the description states, you’ll learn a lot about general, organic, and biological chemistry with this book. It consists of a lot of real world examples so it’s easy to grasp what you’re reading. 

This book is sold in bookshops across Nigeria. Hence, you won’t have a hard time getting it. Alternatively, you can purchase a digital copy online. It’s made up of 744 pages and an advantage of digital study is that you get access to explanatory videos.  

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4. Chemistry: The Central Science 

The description of this textbook says a lot about how useful it is. Chemistry: The Central Science has been a top chemistry textbook for University students for more than 10 years. 

It features very current information on chemistry topics along with trusted examples and unrivaled problems. The book was written by 6 authors who are well knowledgeable in the field of Chemistry. It’s sole aim is to improve students success in chemistry courses.

Chemistry: The Central Science will help a lot in understanding general chemistry. Not to mention it’s written in a manner that makes it very easy to understand. The book covers all the major chemistry courses you’ll learn in Nigerian universities.

One reason you’ll find this book easy to learn from is the very effective arts it features. All the chemical illustrations you need are well-laid out for you. In addition, 

 It’s features an online learning platform – MasteringChemistry – so as you read, you can also practice with the online homewors.

Bottom Line 

Chemistry as a course is all about science which makes it very interesting. Whether you’re studying other physical, biological, and clinical science courses or pure and applied chemistry, you’ll need the best chemistry textbooks to help you in your studies. 

In this article, I have outlined the best Chemistry textbooks for University students in Nigeria. The books are thorough and will equip you with all the knowledge you need to ace your Chemistry tests and exams while in the University.