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Best Cars below 500,000 in Nigeria 2022

Do you want to buy a car in Nigeria and you’re on a low budget? Well, there are lots of cars you can get in Nigeria without spending much. In this article, I’ll be looking at best cars below 500,000 in Nigeria.

Before getting to the list, note that the best cars you can get in Nigeria for less than 500,000 Naira are used cars. You can’t get any good brand new car in Nigeria for less than N500,000; it’s even difficult to get a new car for N1 Million or N1.5 million. Most brand new cars nowadays cost over N8 million. 

That aside, for this list of best cars below 500,000 in Nigeria, I’ll be looking at car listings on popular Nigerian online marketplace, Jiji. Let’s get to it: 

  1. Land Rover Freelander, 2000 Model 

This is, of course, the 2000 model of the popular Land Rover Freelander vehicle. It might be a relatively old car but it has a lot of features that are trendy today including AC. The car can sell for exactly N500,000 or slightly higher. However, it can be difficult to find one with a price far less than N500,000. The car has 4 doors with relatively large space at the back/boot for storing items. Finally, there’s a spare tire hanging at the back. 

  1. Audi 200 2000 Gray

When it comes to cheap used cars, you’ll always find an Audi. Here we have another 2000 model car that you can purchase for less than N500,000 Naira in Nigeria. The car sells for 450,000 and it can make a very good buy. The car design is what you’ll expect from a 2,000 car but nevertheless, if well painted and pumped it will appear elegant. The Audi 200 is one of the most popular Audi models till date. 

  1. Mitsubishi Colt 1999

A used Mitsubishi Colt 1999 in Nigeria should cost less than N450,000. Interestingly, this car is still very popular in Nigeria as some city taxi drivers use it. Note that this car has only 2 doors, one of each side although there are front and back seats. To access the back seats, you have to bend the front seats. While this can be a sort of inconvenience, you’ll easily get used to it as there are many cars like that in Nigeria. 

  1. Toyota Camry 1995

There are many used Toyota Camry cars in Nigeria and the Toyota Camry 1995 is one of the cheapest models you can buy. You can 100% get the car for less than N500,000 in the market. The Camry is more than 25 years old and would feel like an old model but, it really isn’t that bad. The style of the car is still functional and when you hit the road, you’ll find out you’re not the only one riding this classic. 

  1. Chevrolet Aveo 2007

This is the most recent car on this list yet even if it’s about 15 years old. Nevertheless, it’s still a nice economy car in Nigeria and you can get it for about N480,000. You’ll find the interior design and parts of the car to still be up to standard especially as it’s a very roomy car. Did I mention that the car can seat 5 people? Well, many cars also can.

  1. Peugeot 406 2004 Coupe

Would you like a classic Peugeot 406, 2004 model? If yes, then you should make sure your money is up to N500,000 at least. While it’s in the list of best cars below N500,000 in Nigeria, it may be hard to purchase this car for less than that price. But with N500,000, you’re good to go. If you’re unaware, the 2004 model of the Peugeot 406 is one of Peugeot best selling cars of all time. Don’t forget Peugeot got one of the highest-quality engines you’ll find in cars. 

  1. Mazda 626 1997

This 1997 Mazda 626 was one of the top cars during its days unlike now when Mazda cars are not so popular in the market. It’s one of the strongest and best sporting cars produced by Mazda. You’ll find the car comfortable to ride if you go for it thanks to the flowing interior design. If you want a sedan you can drive comfortably and reliably for less than N500,000, the options don’t get a lot better than the Mazda 626 1997. 

  1. Honda Civic 1999

The Honda Civic is one car you’ll see on Nigerian roads. Well, maybe not the 1999 model but, a Honda Civic is a Honda Civic, right? The Honda Civic 1999 is a strong car and if you can get one that’s still in great shape, you can continue driving for a few years. You can even convert your 1999 Honda Civic to a more recent sedan. It may be difficult but a few persons have done it so you too can try. 

  1. Kia Rio 2004 Sedan

The last car here is the Kia Rio 2004 Sedan. You can get this car for anywhere around N450,000 to N500,000 in Nigeria depending on the condition. This 2004 Kia Rio Sedan makes up a good number of taxis you’ll find in Nigeria; it’s that common here. Well, the car is still very much invoke thanks to its design. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re going to buy a used car, make sure you check everything to be sure the car works properly. If you’re not very knowledgeable about cars, you should go with someone that has the experience.