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Best Car Auction Sites In Nigeria

In Nigeria, those who can afford it love driving around in the latest flashy cars. One of the best ways to purchase a car in Nigeria is via auction websites because the vehicles they feature are usually low priced. It’s simple if you want to buy a used car. Instead of going to auction spots in person, you can simply make your purchase from the comfort of your home using a mobile phone. On these sites, you can search for a variety of cars and you’re sure to find a product that’ll meet your interest. In this article, I’ll be showing you the best car auction sites in Nigeria. Check them out;

1. Auto Auction Mall

Auto Auction Mall is a car aution website where you can purchase used cars in Nigeria. From this website, you can purchase auction cars from United State dealers and they’ll help you ship and export them to Nigeria. Notably, this website is an authorized representative of Copart. 

On the website, you can easily sort of best used cars under $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, and $5000. You’ll see the pre-bids of previous bidders and you can make a better offer to make the car yours. If you’ve found an ideal car, you don’t have to make full payment for the auction. You’re allowed to make a minimal initial deposit. 

If you win the auction, that’s when you can make full payment and you have two days. Since they’re exporting from the US, the cars may take sometime to arrive.

2. Jiji 

Jiji is a popular eCommerce website in Nigeria. However, a lot of auctions go down on the website and it’s ideal if you want to get a used car in Nigeria. Since the cars are already in Nigeria, it won’t take long for them to get to you. If you’ve used Jiji before, you’ll agree with me that the website is very simple to use. 

You can sort the available cars by region, make, year of manufacturing, etc. With this, you can easily find the exact car you’re looking for if it’s available. There are more than 70,000 auction cars listed on Jiji so your choice car should be available. 

The prices for most of these cars are fixed. Nevertheless, if the seller allows it, you can bid a different price and open negotiations. Jiji allows you chat directly with sellers on the platform.

3. Cars45 

Cars45 is one of the best car auction sites in Nigeria. You must have watched their advert on TV to Buy, Sell, Swap – that’s exactly what you can do on the platform. You cannot only buy auction cars, you can also put your cars up for auction sale or simply swap it with someone else’s car. 

The advantage of using Cars45 is that you have options of made in Nigeria cars or imported foreign used cars. If you want to auction your car, you can take the free valuation test to see if the car meets its worth. 

The Cars45 auction site is fast and safe, you have nothing to worry about when you use it. You can find and sell auction cars in any condition on this website. If you’re a seller, Cars45 will pay you fast once you make a sale.

4. Copart

Copart is a globally recognized auction site and about the best in the world. Fortunately, it works in Nigeria. Most people go through other auction vendors to purchase auction cars from Copart. Well, you don’t need to as you can just purchase one directly as the website now has a Lounge in Lagos Nigeria. 

Copart is most recommended if you want to purchase foreign used cars. Although people mainly purchase from the US, you can view auction cars from over 150 countries on the website. However, as a renowned auction website, Copart requires membership verification to be able to auction cars. 

You’ll have to upload any government issued ID to upgrade your membership. Aside from Auto Auction Mall earlier mentioned, another verified Copart representative in Nigeria is Nigeria Auto Bid Master. Shipping is made following Nigeria customs rules. 

5. Awoof Cars Auction 

Last here is Awoof Cars Auction. For emphasis, this is the first registered car brokerage company that operates across Nigeria. Hence, the website is one of the best car auction sites in Nigeria. Here, you can find some of the most affordable auction cars in Nigeria. 

Since it’s a Nigerian based website so using it is very convenient. However, the cars they sell are sourced both from home and abroad. In other words, you can use Awoof Cars Auction to import cars from outside Nigeria. 

This website features a wide range of car brands. You can visit their office in Lagos to make enquiries if you want to.  

What to know about purchasing auction cars 

Auction cars are mainly used cars which their owners want to sell. You’ll agree that this is very common in Nigeria. Whether you’re purchasing an auction car from an online website or offline, you must examine it properly before making a purchase. 

While you can, it is not advised to pay for an auction car online. From the auction car websites listed in this article, you can check for the best cars and make your bids. Make sure you meet with the seller in person before paying. If you’re not too learned on auto functionalities, go with an expert to help you check all parts of the cars.

Bottom Line 

If you’re in the market to purchase new cars for yourself, a customer, or any other person, you can make use of the best car aution sites listed in this article to find the best options available. The sites are different so you can compare their prices on similar car models to know which offers the most suitable prices.