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Best Bulk SMS Apps in Nigeria: Top 10 List

The Internet and social media have taken over, but SMS remains one of the best forms of communication. Even the most basic phones can receive SMS, and SMSs are cheap to send.

Sometimes, you may need to reach many people. Perhaps you have a wedding, birthday, dedication, or other upcoming occasions. And you want to inform your friends and families. That’s where bulk SMSs come in.

With bulk SMS, you can send a particular message to hundreds of recipients at the same time. Not only is it a fast method of messaging multiple persons, but it’s also cheaper. SMS costs around N4, but bulk SMS typically costs less than N1, depending on the service.

With mobile apps, you can send bulk SMS easily, even from the comfort of your home. Owing to that, check out the ten best bulk SMS apps in Nigeria below.

1. Bulk SMS sender Excel, Text

Download Here.

Bulk SMS sender is a popular bulk SMS app with over 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. In addition, the app is lightweight as it’s just 11 MB in size.

You can download this bulk SMS app for free. It lets you send a bulk SMS to everyone in your contact list. You can also import numbers from Excel sheets or any Text file.

With this app, you can send bulk SMS in the background. You don’t always have to keep the screen open.

2. EbulkSMS

Download Here.

With a 4.2-star rating out of 5, EbulkSMS is undoubtedly one of the best SMS apps you can use. It’s also been downloaded over 100,000 times.

You can schedule bulk SMS or send it at once with EbulkSMS. Notably, the app lets you send messages with any sender ID. It supports both international and local phone numbers.

The app has a user-friendly interface. You only need to purchase credits, enter the phone numbers, and send your message. It’s worth noting that the credits are budget-friendly.

3. Bulk Sms Plans – Unlimited Bulk Sms

Download Here.

The Bulk SMS Plans app has over 50,000 downloads. It isn’t surprising considering that the app has been around since 2017.

The app doesn’t operate in Nigeria alone but also in India and Bangladesh. Aside from bulk SMS, they also offer other services, including mobile marketing business, contest applications, search, and entertainment solutions.

However, the primary service they offer is bulk SMS. The app may not have the best ratings (3.2/5), but many attest to the quality of their service.

4. Multi SMS Sender (SMS)

Download Here.

Here’s an app from Crazy Broadcast. If you classify the best apps based on ratings, you’ll agree that this is one of the best bulk SMS apps in Nigeria.

Simply put, the app works to send one message to multiple recipients at the same time. Depending on your plan, you can send bulk SMS to unlimited users.

Notably, you can create contact groups for faster and easier sending.

5. KudiSMS-Bulk SMS Nigeria

Download Here.

KudiSMS is a relatively new bulk SMS app available in Nigeria. Already, the app has gotten over ten thousand downloads on the Google Play Store.

Downloading the app is free, and not only can you send bulk SMS, but you can also send voice SMS.

After you sign up, you’ll receive free bulk SMS units. You only need to purchase new units after you finish the free ones. Furthermore, you’ll find the app easy to use and simple to navigate.

6. – Bulk SMS Nigeria Free App

Download Here.

BulkSMSNigeria is self-acclaimed the “cheapest bulk SMS” service in Nigeria. You can send a bulk SMS to all Nigerian networks for just a unit each.

The service offers no hidden charges, and aside from mobile networks, you can also send bulk SMS to CDMA networks, including Starcomms, Multilinks, and Smile. 

Notably, you mustn’t always upload phone numbers with BulkSMSNigeria. The app lets you access a Nigerian GSM phone numbers database for free.

7. MultiTexter Bulk SMS

Download Here.

With this app, you can send bulk SMS to Nigerian numbers and numbers of other African countries. It’s a widely used bulk SMS app.

Notably, it’s easy to use and you get free SMS credits when you create an account. Furthermore, the price – according to the developers – is ridiculously low.


Download Here.

This app by FrankAppWeb has over 10,000 downloads. It’s a lightweight app and one that you can use on the go. gives you access to a phone number database. Hence, you can easily get numbers to message.

In addition, it delivers real-time delivery reports. It helps you know if and when your recipients get the message.

9. appwebSMS

Download Here.

Here’s another bulk SMS app by FrankAppWeb. Like the former, the app has over 10,000 downloads, and it’s portable. 

Furthermore, you can use it to access a phone number database. In addition, the appwebSMS apps provides real-time delivery reports. It allows you to determine whether or not your recipients have received the message.

10. Bulk SMS Service By Fast2SMS

Download Here.

Fast2SMS can send millions of SMS at once. Our system includes numerous SMS routes for rapid SMS delivery. 

The app aims to make SMS simple, transparent, and affordable. The Bulk SMS platform helps small to large businesses send marketing, OTP, multimedia, and alarm SMS.

Bottom Line

You can use any of the ten apps above to send bulk SMS in Nigeria. All are available for download in the Google Play Store.