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Best App To Redeem Gift Cards In Nigeria

Have you got a gift card or some gift cards for sale? If so, you have many options to go with. You’ll find a horde of gift card trading apps in Nigeria when you search your application store. The problem, however, and infamously so, is that not all of these apps are trustworthy. No one wants to be swindled, but that’s what will happen if you use the wrong gift card trading app. 

To help you avoid such a situation, here are the best apps to redeem gift cards in Nigeria: 

1. Cardtonic 

Cardtonic is the most popular app for redeeming gift cards in Nigeria. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It’s a super easy to use app. Even if it’s your first ever time trading gift cards. Now, you can win interesting rewards as you use Cardtonic. The more you trade gift cards, the more rewards you get. If you have any problems with trading, you can get help from the customer service. They are prompt to reply.  

2. NOSH 

NOSH aims to make gift card trading as flawless as the word itself. It’s available in Nigeria and Ghana, which means you can exchange your gift cards for naira or cedis. It’s one of the best apps to redeem gift cards in Nigeria because of the lofty rates you’ll get. You can also buy gift cards with NOSH. Aside from anything gift card related, you can buy airtime, data, save money, and pay your bills with NOSH. 

3. CardVest 

CardVest is a trustworthy gift card trading app. It supports all gift cards to cash at reasonable prices. It simplifies gift card trading for beginners and pros. You enjoy fast gift card sales and purchases using CardVest. Your payment is completed immediately after card verification. The 24-hour customer service is available for inquiries, requests, complaints, and feedback. With the all-encompassing security system, you’re safe from any cyber dangers and internet fraud. 

4. GiftCardsToNaira

With over 140 4-star rating, GiftCardsToNaira is one of the best apps to redeem, sell, or trade gift cards for Naira or Cedis. Gift card trading is easy with GiftCardsToNaira, and the app is secure and legit. You only need to create an account, add your Nigerian or Ghanaian bank account, and start trading. The app supports 25 different types of gift cards, including popular ones like Steam, iTunes, Sephora, Vanilla, Amex, Nike, and Nordstrom.

5. ApexPay 

Apexpay is the one of easiest ways to sell or redeem Naira gift cards. Download the app; create an account; add your bank account for fast cash withdrawal; select Sell Gift Card and upload cards; Withdraw from Wallet to bank account. That’s how the app works. It’s fast with high-paying rates. Apexpay offers users up to a 50% bonus on gift card sales. Hence, you earn free cash when you use the app.

6. Glover 

Glover is a gift card trading platform by Patricia Technologies. You can trade gift cards and do more with Glover. The platform supports gift cards from more than 20 different countries. You can buy and sell gift cards in just 3 simple steps. As mentioned before, you can trade gift cards and more with Glover. The “more” includes data subscription, airtime purchase, TV subscription, and electricity, to name a few. 

7. Traydah 

Traydah allows Nigerians at home and abroad to sell gift cards for cash. It has been in the business long enough to become a reputable gift-card exchange. In addition, it’s a secure platform, and you get the maximum rate. With Traydah, you can trade 24/7, and all it takes is a few clicks on your phone. The app supports iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Apple Store, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, Nordstrom, Target, Best Buy, Nike,, Macy’s, Xbox, Vanilla, AMEX, Foot Locker, Visa, and PlayStation cards.

8. Quchange

The Quchange app allows you to sell gift cards quickly and securely. It supports gift card selling, redemption, and exchange for quick cash. Notably, the app supports a wide variety of gift cards, and you’re guaranteed a seamless experience. You can exchange gift cards into naira at affordable prices. Despite how easy it is to sell gift cards on the Quchange app, some users may need help, thus the Quchange team provides 24/7 support. 

9. Presmit 

Do you want to exchange your gift cards for other currencies other than naira? If yes, then Presmit is the platform you may need. With Presmit, you can trade your gift cards for bitcoins, mobile money, or USDT. The platform maintains that everyone deserves to make profit. As a result, trading on Presmit is fast. It takes no more than 10 minutes. You can withdraw your money in your preferred currency immediately after the trade is completed. 

10. Pandar App 

Pandar has close to 300 4+ ratings on the Apple App Store alone. This shows that the app is not only popular, but also trusted. Hence, it qualifies as one of the best apps to redeem gift cards in Nigeria. However, Panda is more than a gift card redemption app. It also is a money management platform. You can send money to other users, pay bills, and even manage a virtual dollar card. 

Bottom Line 

You can use any of the above listed apps to securely trade your gift cards in Nigeria. All of them are available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.