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Airtel Recharge Code

Airtel is one of the widely used mobile networks in Nigeria, self-acclaimed the SmartPhone Network. Since they started operations in Nigeria, they have rebranded from Econet – Vodacom – V-Mobile – Celtel – Zain and then Airtel. Despite the change of names, the telecommunications company has managed to maintain good relations with their subscribers.

In order to make use of your Airtel SIM to make calls, browse and send SMS, you need to have airtime.

For Airtel customers (mostly new ones) who are looking for the correct code to recharge their Airtel line, the contents of this article will be very useful to you.

What is the Airtel Recharge Code?

If you want to recharge your Airtel line,  the code to use is *126*Recharge Amount#. Simply dial the code from your Airtel line with the correct 16 digits recharge pin.

A notification will be displayed on your phone’s screen confirming your airtime recharge and you will also get an SMS. Your recharge will not be successful if your pin is incorrect or you missed one or two digits. In such a case, re-enter the code and recharge the pin carefully. If still unsuccessful, do not try anymore, check if the recharge pin is really that of Airtel. If you keep trying, your line will be barred on your 5th attempt.

Check your Airtime Balance

You should check your airtime balance after recharging your SIM. It is one way to be sure that your recharge was successful and that your airtime account has been credited accordingly.

How do you do this? It’s simple, dial *123# from your SIM and your airtime account balance will be displayed on your screen.

Other Airtel Airtime Recharge Methods

There are a couple other methods you can use to recharge your Airtel line aside from the *126*Recharge Pin#. Let’s look at few of them;

Airtel SmartRECHARGE

Heard of SmartRECHARGE on Airtel before? If not, then let me do the honors.

You get 10 times your airtime value when you recharge using the Airtel SmartRECHARGE code. The code is *220*Recharge Pin# and it can be used to load specific amounts of airtime.

• If you recharge N100, you get N1,000 (N500 for voice calls and N500 for data use)

• If you recharge N200, you get N2,000 (N1,000 for voice calls and N1,000 for data use)

• If you recharge N500, you get N8,000 (N2,000 for voice calls, N3,000 for data use and N3,000 as extra data value)

• If you recharge N1,000, you get N17,500 (N2,500 for voice calls, N7,500 for data use and N7,500 as extra data value)

These bonuses are automatically credited after every recharge using the SmartRECHARGE code and you can begin enjoying them immediately. However, these bonuses have validity period after which they expire;

• N100 SmartRECHARGE bonus is valid for 3 days only

• N200 SmartRECHARGE bonus is valid for 7 days only

• N500 SmartRECHARGE bonus is valid for 14 days only

• N1,000 SmartRECHARGE bonus is valid for 14 days only

These bonuses can be accumulated, you are allowed to recharge your SIM using the *220# as much as you want in one day. You will receive your bonus each time you do so.

Calls and data rates are charged differently if you recharge your line using this code.;

• Calls are charges at 84 kobo per second (N50 per minute)

• Data is charged at N20 per MB

You can check your SmartRECHARGE bonus airtime balance by dialing the normal Airtel airtime balance code – *123#. The bonus will be separated from your main account balance.

Another thing to note is that the Airtel SmartRECHARGE code can only be used by Airtel prepaid customers, it is unavailable to postpaid subscribers. Also, the bonus can only be used to make local calls, international calls are not allowed. Do not use this code to recharge if you wish to make international calls with your airtime.

Airtel TalkMore

Another code you can use to recharge your Airtel line is the Airtel TalkMore Recharge Code. The code is *126*1*Recharge Pin# and you get 5x of your recharge amount when you recharge with it.

You can recharge the following amounts of TalkMore and gain the corresponding benefits;

• N100 – you get N500 bonus and it is valid for 30 days (1 Month)

• N200 – you get N1,000 bonus and it is valid for 30 days (1 Month)

• N300 – you get N1,500 bonus and it is valid for 30 days (1 Month)

• N500 – you get N2,500 bonus and it is valid for 30 days (1 Month)

• N1,000 – you get N5,000 bonus and it is valid for 30 days (1 Month)

Checking your TalkMore bonus airtime balance can be done using *123#. This recharge means can be used by both postpaid and prepaid Airtel subscribers and it can be rolled-over and accumulated.

Aside from local calls, you can also make international calls with your bonus but, to specific countries only. These countries are Canada, China, India, UK and USA.

Airtel 6x Bundle

Like the description says, this recharge code gives you 6x of your recharge amount. The code is *555*Recharge Pin# and it is quite popular among Airtel subscribers already.

You can use this code for recharge on all airtime denominations from N1,000 and below. The bonus you get can be used to send SMS, browse the internet and call all networks – except internationally.


The codes contained in this article are all verified USSD codes that Airtel subscribers can use to recharge their SIM cards. They can be dialed in any GSM phone, not necessarily a smartphone.