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Adekunle Gold’s New Album Catch Me If You Can Launches on February 4

Adekunle Gold is dropping a new musical single next week and a new album next month. Gold’s new single is titled Mercy and it launches on January 21 while his fourth album, titled Catch Me If You Can, hits the market on February 4.

“New Single ‘Mercy’-Out, January 21,” he tweeted. “New Album, ‘Catch Me if you can’-Out, February 4. Save the Dates.”

Affectionately called AG Baby, Adekunle Gold – born Adekunle Kosoko – released snippets of his single and album to tease his fans, and many of them used the links to the teasers to see what Gold has in store for them.

Married to popular singer Simi, Gold announced that he began writing Mercy songtrack on September 28, 2021.

“9/28/21 – The day I started writing Mercy…I knew that day that God had blessed me with another one. #Mercy is out this Friday,” he tweeted.

Gold’s last single is titled High and he featured Davido for the track which was released in September, 2021. The song has remained on top of the charts in Nigeria and in other countries since it debuted last year.

Known for his mid-tempo alternative style, Gold has begun to experiment wth upbeat and dance hall musical styles in recent times. But his unique voice remains a delight of his many fans within and outside the country.