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9 Best Music Streaming Platforms In Nigeria 2021

Music is something Nigerians cannot do without. We have the biggest music stars in Africa and some of the biggest in the world even. While we have different websites where songs can be downloaded in MP3 for free, music streaming is beginning to gain ground in Nigeria.

Millions of Nigerian stream both local and foreign music from different streaming platforms daily. Here are the best music streaming platforms in Nigeria in 2021. 

1. Apple Music 

Apple Music is the default music streaming app on Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac computers. A lot of Nigerians use these devices so Apple Music is arguably the most used music streaming platform in Nigeria. 

The app comes default on the Apple devices. Apple Music is premium so you can only play music with a subscription. There are more than 70 million songs on Apple Music including songs from all the major artists you know. Many top artists rate their track successes by its ranking on Apple Music.

2. Audiomack 

If you’re looking for a free music streaming platform in Nigeria, Audiomack is the best option you can go for. You’ll only have to deal with ads and you have the option to pay to get rid of them. Audiomack is widely used as it’s supported on Android and iOS. 

You can access it via a browser on your computer as well. The platform features official accounts of top music artists. You can follow these accounts and be the first to know when your favourite artist releases a new track.

3. BoomPlay 

BoomPlay is one of the earliest music streaming platforms to gain influence in Nigeria. A major reason is because on Android, BoomPlay doubles as a music streaming app and a regular music player that plays songs you download online.

BoomPlay requires a subscription to use and you can download songs for offline listening. There are more than 3.4 million artists whose songs are on BoomPlay. In total, there are more than 50 million songs on the platform. All of these make BoomPlay one of the best music streaming platforms in Nigeria 2021. 

4. Spotify 

Spotify is a widely used music streaming platform used by artists globally. Before now, Nigerian artists upload their music to Spotify for people in other countries to listen to. Spotify only became officially available in Nigeria in 2021. 

Nevertheless, the platform has already drawn users from all across the country. Spotify is an ideal music streaming platform if you want to get the latest songs. Many artists first upload to Spotify before other platforms. Spotify is ad-free and to use it to stream music, you need to pay for a subscription. 

5. Deezer 

At number 6, we have Deezer which is a globally renowned music streaming platform. Deezer is among the first music streaming platforms to be available in Nigeria. Another reason why Deezer is widely used in Nigeria is the podcasts. 

Deezer contains about 56 million songs from Nigerian and foreign artists. With the playlists and featured songs, you’ll never miss the latest hits. Deezer requires a subscription to use but, you can always stream music for free. Subscription will allow you download songs for offline playing amongst other features.

6. YouTube Music 

Like YouTube is to videos, YouTube Music is to songs. Google owns YouTube so they merged Google Play Music to form YouTube music. YouTube Music features a vast catalog that contains more than 70 million songs. 

You’ll enjoy YouTube Music if you’re interested in not just listening to songs but also watching their videos. Since it’s a sister platform to YouTube, you can easily switch to watch music videos on YouTube. Like most of the best music streaming platforms in Nigeria listed in this article, YouTube Music is freemium.

7. SoundCloud 

SoundCloud is one of the oldest music streaming platforms in Nigeria. The platform was here before Audiomack, BoomPlay, Deezer, and the rest. Due to this, SoundCloud has arguably the largest music catalog with about 200 million songs. It’s 2021, and it’s still one of the best. 

Some people find SoundCloud complex to use as there are many unofficial songs on the app. Nevertheless, you can get the best experience by subscribing to SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+. With these premium subscriptions, you’ll access only official tracks.

8. Mino  

Mino is a music streaming platform owned by NotJustOk. NotJustOk is one of the most popular entertainment websites in Nigeria and for a long time now, you can download music for free on the website. With the popularity, the website owners decided to launch a music streaming platform. 

You can stream only Nigerian and African songs on Mino. These are the songs that are available on NotJustOk and more. Mino makes it easy to locate songs you’re interested in as the tracks are grouped in categories. You can use the Mino app on Android and iPhone or access the platform via a browser.

9. Mdundo 

Last on this list is Mdundo which is mainly available to Android users as there’s no iOS app. With Mdundo, you can stream a vast collection of Nigerian and African music. In addition to streaming, you can download music in MP3 format for free with Mdundo. 

Mdundo is a very easy to use music streaming platform. You can access charts to check out the trending songs or browse songs by artists or check out the mixes. There’s also the option to search for songs and artists using keywords. Mdundo is recommended if you’re an artist as you can upload your songs and make money. 

Bottom Line 

There are so many music streaming platforms in Nigeria and in this article, I’ve listed the top 9 ones. Some are free while others require a subscription. You can go for any that works for your device and meets your budget.