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8 Best Taxi Apps In Nigeria

Want to book a ride to any destination? Which taxi app should you use? This can be tricky considering that there are so many taxi apps in Nigeria. To aid you, here are the 8 best taxi apps in Nigeria.

1. Bolt

Previously known as Taxify, Bolt is one of Nigeria’s most popular ride-hailing apps. Markus Villig, a 19-year-old high school student in Estonia, founded Bolt as Taxify in 2013. At the time, the company’s mainstay was an app that allowed private drivers to provide trips in their vehicles or scooters. Riders and drivers were connected through the app.

Bolt launched in Lagos, Nigeria in 2016 and has since grown to become the country’s second most popular car-hailing service. Bolt has tendrils in roughly 34 countries around the world, including 150 cities in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Australia as of February 2019. Bolt has approximately 500,000 registered drivers and 25 million registered consumers throughout the world.

2. Uber

With the Uber app, you can get to your location quickly. Simply open the app and enter your destination, and a nearby driver will assist you in getting there safely. The Uber app makes your travel plans stress-free as you can request a ride from about anywhere. You can either request a ride on the spot or schedule one ahead of time.

Uber ensures you select the appropriate ride for your needs, whether you’re searching for elegance, space, or affordability. Before you book an Uber, you can view a price estimate upfront. As a result, you’ll always know how much your ride will cost before you request it. You can call local authorities straight from the app, and share your location with anyone.

3. RideMe

RideMe Taxi is a taxi booking service that connects users with cabs in their area. RideMe Taxi was created to alleviate the hassle of getting in and out of town. If you need a taxi near you, to or from the airport, to go shopping at your favorite malls, or to meet up with friends, RideMe Taxi can help. As a relatively new taxi app in Nigeria, RideMe provides outstanding customer service for riders via a Live Chat feature.

You can now solve all of your problems at once. Using our online taxi booking app, you may book a cab at a price that fits your budget. Getting a ride has never been more economical or simple. RideMe Taxi is designed with the rider in mind and is simple to use. In only a few taps, you may book a ride to any part of the city.

4. Jekalo

The Jekalo app allows you to share a ride with someone who is traveling in the same direction as you. Jekalo is a convenient and economical method to commute home this evening, to your next meeting, or for after-work beverages, whether you are a ride owner or a passenger. The app mainly focuses on creating a world filled with love and sharing.

Instead of traveling there in person, Jekalo can assist you with picking up or delivering products. By offering a ride on Jekalo, ride owners can earn incredible discounts on things like car maintenance, third-party insurance, fuel vouchers, airtime, data, and cash withdrawal options. Jekalo is less expensive than other taxi apps.

5. Drop

Drop is a secure taxi app that allows you to go around the city quickly. Using developing technology, the taxi service links people, products, and locations seamlessly. It transforms the way people and goods are transferred between locations, enhancing passenger safety, convenience, and value.

The app is simple to use. Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations on the map or select an address. Select a classic cab or any other taxi type you desire then confirm your order and wait for the driver to come. When that happens, you’ll get a notification. However, the app only works if you’re in Lagos.

6. Rideon

This Taxi service is only available in Enugu State. With the touch of a button, RideOn provides a fast, safe, and dependable private automobile transportation booking service. RideOn does not have its own transportation. Professional taxi or personal drivers who manage their businesses independently own all licensed vehicles offering travel services to passengers.

After you launch the app, select your pick-up and drop-off locations then locate a driver. If you make a request, the driver will come to pick you up. After your ride, you can pay with a credit card or cash.

7. Holla Cabs

Holla is a taxi firm established in Lagos. The company offers on-demand taxi services in Nigeria’s major cities. Using the taxi-booking mobile application, you can very easily book a cab and get to your location. You can book cabs in a few seconds from your smartphone using the Holla passenger app, with a variety of options to choose from, such as favorite taxi kinds and local drivers.

8. CarXie

Here’s another Nigerian-owned taxi app and it’s one of the best in the country. CarXie is a cutting-edge smartphone app that caters to your travel needs on short notice by offering cabs that ensure your comfort and safety. It’s secure and cost-effective. CarXie was created to ensure that Nigeria is a significant and active participant in today’s technology-driven transportation networks, which are critical to the proper operation of the economy.

The CarXie app has some very interesting features. Even if you don’t know your current address, the app will locate your pickup spot. You can rate your driver to provide feedback and assist us in improving the quality of service. Finally, you can add your credit card and use it whenever you’re in a country where the payment system is supported.

Bottom Line

Taxi services are now a norm in Nigeria as people prefer booking rides to the traditional way of waiting by the roadside. The 8 best taxi apps in Nigeria are listed above.