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6 practices that prevent you from saving



Most of us have a hard time saving. We are covered for expenses and once we pay them, we wait for the next payment to arrive. However, it seems that being rich is not that difficult. We don’t need to have a revolutionary idea to start a super successful company for it. It is simply a matter of eliminating some habits that prevent us from reaching the financial level we want.

According to the experts, there are 6 financial mistakes that rich people don’t make and we are going to reveal them to you here:

Why you cannot save? 

1. Refusing to face reality

No matter how much you try to evade yourself or the notices that come from the bank, your financial situation will not change. People who made a fortune did so by taking an interest in their account statements and investments.

Being aware of reality will make you make better decisions regarding your finances.


2. You overspend

When you see the rich spending on luxurious mansions or sports cars, it is actually because they have the money. They are not over-exploiting credit cards.

You must be aware of what you count for each week and try to spend what is necessary on supplies. For example, one week you could skip shopping and prepare meals with what you already have. It’s all about mind control.

3. Don’t adjust your finances after a big change in your life

After getting married, having a child, or even the loss of a loved one, your financial status changes dramatically.

Of course, at that point it is the last thing that worries you, but if you put off worrying about your finances, in the long term you will suffer an imbalance.

Successful people know that every change involves money and they try to anticipate these kinds of expenses.

4. Spend on interest or fees

Treating yourself once in a while, like eating at a fancy restaurant, or buying the shoes you wanted so much is fine, as it’s something you enjoy. But spending on fees or interest for late payments is simply money that you are practically throwing away.

Wealthy people protect their finances and know exactly what they are paying for.

You will hardly see someone rich who falls behind with payments, since that is exactly how they came to have a solid financial situation.

5. You worry about saving, but not about earning more

The rich know that they should not depend on a single source of income.

It’s okay to worry about saving or reducing your expenses, but your savings will be much higher if you are looking for an alternative source of income or a salary increase. It’s about discovering your skills and learning to use them to find a way to get paid for them.


6. You worry so much about the price that you forget the quality

Sometimes we become so obsessed with not spending that in the long run we lose out. The classic example is buying inexpensive but low-quality shoes or a coat. If we care a little more about quality, we will buy a garment that will last us a long time.

On the other hand, no matter how cheap something is if it breaks or wears out after a month, we will spend more money, only in small amounts.

Wealthy people recommend looking for those that are of the highest value and quality, regardless of price.

The most important thing is to achieve a balance and not to turn your finances into a regret, but to look for what makes you happy and satisfied with yourself.

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