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6 Best Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend In Nigeria

What birthday gift should I buy for my girlfriend? This is a common question asked by lots of guys in Nigeria when it’s their girlfriend’s birthday. Well, this article is here to save you from that stress. Check out some of the best birthday gifts you can get for your girlfriend in Nigeria; 

1. Jewelry 

Jewelry always makes a good gift for any occasion and it’s one of the best gifts for your girlfriend in Nigeria. Women love jewelry a lot. This is because jewelry is a part of style android fashion which many Nigerians love. Your girlfriend can use nice jewelry on several outfits and outings.

There are gold, silver, and bronze jewelry. If you really want to impress your Nigerian girlfriend, you should get her gold jewelry. Gold is expensive but you can get quality gold on necklaces, earrings, and bracelets without breaking the bank. Silver is also a good option so long as it’s original. 

If you’ve got the money, you might want to raise the bar higher by getting your girlfriend Diamond jewelry – the most expensive gemstone in the world. You don’t need me to tell you how happy your girlfriend will be if you place a Diamond necklace around her neck.

2. Picture Frame 

Recently, this has been more common in Nigeria. You see lots of people creating picture frames for their loved ones when they’re celebrating something. If you want to please your girlfriend on her birthday without having to spend too much money, this is a good option. You can get a good picture frame done with N10,000 to N20,000.

It’s a nice option as it serves as a safe keep. When making a picture frame for your lady, you must pick the right picture. A birthday gift is supposed to be surprising and while gifting her a picture frame might not be very surprising, the picture you use will do the job. 

You can go with an image of you both on one of your favorite moments the past year. The picture must be recent – within a year. You can also get a drawing of her as an alternative although this could cost you more.

3. Clothes

When I say clothes, I mean CLOTHES! Yes, Nigerian ladies love the latest trending fashion clothing. Clothes are consistent gifts as they’re worn every day. Anytime your girl puts them on, she’ll remember it’s from you and she’ll remember you. This could be anything, a top, skirt, shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, etc. So long as it’s nice and doesn’t look cheap, she’ll appreciate it.

If you have the money, you can go for some real designer items. Some of the trending ones in the country include brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Fendi. All of these are foreign brands. You can scout for quality Nigerian clothing brands and you’ll get quality attire at even cheaper prices.

You can attach other clothing items to the clothes you buy. For example, you can get shoes, underwear, hats, etc. Make sure the cloth is well packaged with very beautiful wraps.

4. Perfume 

Perfumes are wonderful gifts. Which lady will reject a quality perfume in Nigeria? I doubt if there’s any. People always want to smell nice and good perfumes do the job. Also, it’s a very personal gift, something that’ll be used to mark her presence so it’s something that’ll always stay fresh on you both minds. 

As mentioned, no lady would reject a “quality” perfume. If it’s not a quality one, it could get thrown out of the window – not literally. Therefore, don’t purchase cheap fragrances whose scent doesn’t last. Instead of that, you should get something else.

If your girlfriend is already used to a particular perfume, you can simply get her that same one but in a larger quantity. Or, you can opt for an alternative with a similar fragrance or simply ask her which perfume she would like for her birthday.

5. Smartphone 

Android and iPhones are the two main smartphone models used in Nigeria. You can purchase any of these phones for your girlfriend on her birthday and she’ll love it. However, you have to ensure it’s not a very old model, for the iPhones and the Android, try to purchase a top brand like Samsung, Tecno, or Infinix. 

You would take your girlfriend to space if you gift her any of the most recent smartphone models in Nigeria. I’m talking about iPhone 11 and 12 for iPhones or Samsung Galaxy S20, and S21. These are very expensive mobile phones; they cost higher than N300,000. 

Aside from smartphones, you can get your girlfriend any interesting smart gadget that she’ll love. For instance, you could get her an apple or android watch, original AirPods if she uses an android, etc. You can take the specs higher too by getting her a tablet, iPad, or laptop.

6. Car 

The last on this list of the best gifts for your girlfriend in Nigeria is for those who want to really spend. Mostly, a car gift is what men buy for their wives. However, if you believe your girlfriend is worth it, you can get her a nice ride on her birthday.

If you don’t have the money to buy any of the latest cars – from 2017 to 2021, you should purchase something else. You’re still going to spend high on an older car model so it’s better if you purchase something more recent at less price. 

The trending car brands in Nigeria include Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Ford, Range Rover, etc. You don’t necessarily need to target any specific class of car from these brands. So long as it’s recent and brand new it’ll do. 

Bottom Line 

There you go! There are thousands and millions of possible things you can ge from your Nigerian girlfriend. However, if you want something that she’ll love and appreciate, you should go with any of the gifts mentioned in this article. When you spend it on her birthday, I’m sure she’ll do the same on yours – or not.