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5 Best Leave-in Conditioner For Natural Hair In Nigeria

Leave-in conditioners are about the same as regular conditioners. The only difference is that you don’t rinse them off. With the hot sun and Nigeria’s overall weather, maintaining healthy hair can be a problem for many Nigerian ladies. To solve that problem, you need quality hair products. This is why I have reviewed the best leave-in conditioner for natural hair in Nigeria. Check them out;  

1. Dark And Lovely Corrective Leave-In Conditioner

The number one best leave-in conditioner for natural hair in Nigeria is the Dark And Lovely Corrective Leave-In Conditioner. There’s everything to love about this product. It was crafted by several African hair experts thus it offers the best health care for your natural hair. You get the best results when you use it daily.

The Dark And Lovely Corrective Leave-In Conditioner was produced using several active ingredients. Notably, it contains vitamins that make your hair a lot silkier and softer. That’s what everyone who uses this conditioner says – “it leaves my hair smooth”. Also, the vitamins help the conditioner to have a long lasting effect such that your hair is protected all day.

By using this leave-in conditioner, you get to protect your hair from breakage, dryness, and split ends. It’s not for natural hair alone, it can be used on colored-treated and relaxed hair as well. This conditioner is also one of the best because it’s very easy to apply. Once applied, you don’t need to rinse out, you just comb and style.

2. Mega Growth BreakFree Leave -In Strengthener

The Mega Growth BreakFree Leave -In Strengthener is a relatively popular natural hair conditioner used by so many Nigerian women. It is sold by Mega Growth who is a Nigerian-based brand. The product was formulated to strengthen, restore, and repair hair back to its natural state. It comes in a 250g container and it’s affordable. 

To provide the advanced protection and strength to your hair, this conditioner was formulated using proteins, vitamins, and several other nutrients. Notable, it contains Olive, Shea, and coconut which are very beneficial to the hair. To apply, you just need to rub it on your hands and run your hands through your hair thoroughly from roots to end. After that, you can style. 

It’s recommended that you make use of this conditioner 3 days before and 3 days after coloring your hair or using a relaxer. This is to ensure mega-strengthening. If you must use it earlier, you should wait for at least a day. Furthermore, if you just took down your braids, you should use the conditioner for 14 days daily to protect it. 

3. Cantu Argan OIl Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

This Cantu Argan OIl product doubles as a leave-in conditioner and a  repair cream. Following the description, you would guess that the cream was made using Argan oil. Well, that’s true – the main ingredient is pure Argan oil. The cream was produced to help ladies keep their hair protected from damages that comes with constant styling. 

Argan oil is great in making hair shine and in increasing its elasticity. This is why this product is one of the best leave-in conditioners for natural hair in Nigeria and it’s safe for daily use. You can use it on natural and also relaxed, textured, permed, and colored hair. The cream promotes healthy and strong hair by working as a deep moisturizer when applied to the hair. 

This cream is recommended for you if your hair is over-styled and overheated. You can have to apply it on your hair, focusing on the damaged areas, and then you comb. Wait a little while for the cream to dry. You can use it as a rinse & dry hair conditioner as well. 

4. Miracle Leave-In-Conditioner For Natural Hair

Here’s another relatively popular and widely used natural hair leave-in conditioner. The Miracle Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair is great for hair and scalp treatment. When used, it works very fast and leaves your hair with so much sheen and luster. What you get is a beautiful and healthy result.

The Miracle Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair is a great product if you’re interested in boosting hair growth. You can use it on natural hair and also on weavons and wigs. The conditioner softens,  straightens, and detangles hair and it’s formulated for daily use. 

This product is one of the safest natural hair leave-in conditioners you can lay your hands on in Nigeria. It is free from harmful stuff like sulphate, silicon, and paraben. If you’re going to get this product, it’s important to be mindful so you buy the right one. What we’re looking at here is the one for natural hair. The Miracle brand has a different but similar product for processed hair. 

5. Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

Lastly is the Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner – an all round product. This conditioner will work on natural hair, processed, and heat-styled hair. As the main ingredient is Shea butter, the product has a lot of health benefits to offer your hair. 

Shea butter is not the only very active ingredient here. The product is also made of Black Castor Oil which is another great nutrient to the hair. This product nourishes the hair and renews it’s quality. It works by softening the hair as a moisturizer and removing tangles. It promotes hair elasticity so they’ll be less cases of hair breaker and instead stronger hair. 

Bottom Line 

With these best leave-in conditioners for natural hair in Nigeria, you can worry less about your hair looking bad. They are a lot more comfortable and easy to use since you don’t have to rinse them out but they are just as effective as the others. These products will help your hair become stronger, grow longer, and stay protected from harmful elements.