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5 Best Hair Creams For Hair Growth In Nigeria

Have you been looking for the best hair cream for hair growth in Nigeria? Well, search no further as I list out the top 5 you can lay hands; 

1. Hair Wonder 

The first product on my list is the Hair Wonder hair cream from El Glittas. I’m sure before checking this list, you’ve heard of this hair cream before. Truthfully, it does wonders on your hair. This hair cream was produced with all natural ingredients which makes it very safe for your hair. 

One of the notable nutrients you get from hair wonder is keratin protein which helps in making your hair stronger. Not to mention your hair will grow a lot quicker. You can make use of Hair Wonder to stop hair loss and hair breakage. The cream does this by stimulating new healthy hair growth and fixing all damaged hair roots.

El Glittas Hair Wonder cream is most popular among women. However, it’ll work great for men as well and some men use it along with the oil as a beard growth cream. Another thing Hair Wonder can do is to make your hair darker. If you’re suffering from grey-hair due to stress, this cream will come in handy. 

2. Kuza 100% Indian Hemp 

This cream is a very simple one. It’s mainly composed using Shea butter and Indian hemp. It’s an open secret that Indian hemp boosts hair growth and normally some Nigerians would mix the hemp with their hair cream to boost hair growth. Well, you don’t have to do that when you can simply get the Kuza 100% Indian Hemp hair cream.

Kuza 100% Indian Hemp cream doesn’t contain Shea butter and Indian hemp alone. The cream also contains several natural oils and herbs that are great in promoting hair growth. It’s important to note that all the ingredients in this hair cream are organic.

This hair cream will help repair your hair and boost growth if it’s been damaged by chemicals from other harmful hair products. When you use this cream on your hair, your hair will become well soft and have a very natural look. The Shea butter content in this cream prevents your hair from breaking. 

You could have some visible hemp particles on your hair after using this hair cream. If you’re not comfortable with it, simply thoroughly massage the cream into your hair and comb afterwards. Finally, this is one of the most affordable hair growth creams you can get.

3. Andrea Hair Growth Cream 

Andrea is renowned for beard growth. What most persons don’t know is that the product has a hair cream as well which can be used to boost hair growth. The hair cream along with the oil combined is a magical solution for hair growth.

Like the 2 previous mentioned products on this list, the Andrea Hair Growth Cream is made of only natural ingredients. The major ingredients used in the product are Ginger and Ginseng. Men would benefit most from this hair cream as it helps to fight receding hairline and dull hair.

It’s a very fast performing cream. With the Andrea Hair Growth Cream, you could grow your hair about 2 to 3 times faster than the normal growing speed. Women can use the oil easily by mixing it with their Shampoo whenever they want to apply it. 

However, it’s important to note that Andrea Hair Growth most especially the oil is very sensitive. Thus, the results might not be the same for everyone but if it works for you, you’ll 100% notice the effects it has on your hair. Also, the effects are long lasting. 

4. Hair Booster 

A lot of people underestimate the efficiency of this hair cream because of the relatively small packaging it comes in. However, this product, from First Class Lady is among the best hair creams for hair growth in Nigeria. It’s affordable, you can get a pack for less than N1,500. 

Hair Booster was produced using multiple herb ingredients and essential oils. It can promote hair growth and also do a lot more. The cream is most effective in repairing broken hair and it can help stop your hair from aging quickly. Also, when used, your hair will stay shining and appear very dark. 

This hair cream is a very powerful scalp moisturizer and conditioner. If you’re suffering from dandruff, the First Class Lady Hair Booster cream will bring you relief in no time. It’ll not just cure the dandruff, it’ll also relief your scalp of the itching that comes with it almost instantly. 

You can easily purchase this hair cream from any hair and cosmetics store around you. Among all the products on this list, it’s the most common hair growth cream in Nigeria.

5. Cantu Shea Butter 

The Cantu Shea Butter hair cream is not a very popular one but those who has used it can attest to its quality. What most users noted about this hair cream is that it has a very nice smell. So if you need a hair growth cream that would make your hair smell nice, you might want to consider this.

Cantu Shea Butter hair cream is a curling cream. It facilitates hair growth and curls your hair at the same time. Aside from hair growth, a lot of people just it solely for curling their hair. The advantage of using it is that it doesn’t weigh down your hair. Instead it moisturizes and if you’ve got hair strands, it’ll help strengthen it.

The main ingredients used in this hair cream are Shea butter and coconut oil. There are no harmful chemicals or even mineral oils. When you use it, the result you get is soft and shiny hair. The hair cream is available in different pacakage sizes therefore, you can easily find one that meets your budget. 

You can choose any of the 5 best hair creams for hair growth in Nigeria listed above. They are all natural hair boosting creams that are very safe to use on the hair. Furthermore, they work.