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11 Best Contestants In Nigerian Idol 2021

Nigerian idol 2021 has seen lots of talented singers since the audition stages. This year’s season which is looked over by Seyi Shay, DJ Sose and Obi Asoka just kicked into the voting stages. Usually, only 10 participants will make it to the final rounds; hence, the top 10. 

However, this year, instead of 10 contestants making the final round, we have 11. This is the first time such is happening not just on Nigerian idol but other TV shows that require top 10 finalists. Well, do you know who made it to the top 11? Check out the 11 best contestants in Nigerian Idol 2021.

1. Faith Mac Ebiama

The first contestant here is Faith Mac Ebiama. The 22 year old female contestant was born into a family of music lovers although she also has a keen interest in fashion designing. She started singing in church and in no time became the lead singer. You have to watch her sing to know just how talented she is. In the words of Seyi Shay, there’s something special about Faith Mac Ebiama. 

2. Comfort Alalade

Comfort Alalade is a 19 year old singer and student. She was born in Lagos and according to her, Music is life. From a tender age, Comfort loved watching Nigerian idol contestants do their thing. As soon as she was old enough to contest in the franchise, she did, and now, she can’t wait to see what winning is like. Comfort Alalade is also a writer and composer; she’s composed some original songs.

3. Emmanuel Elijah

Born in a family of 4, Emmanuel Elijah lost his mom at a tender age and was brought up by his dad. He’s a very talented dude and he joined the Nigerian idol competition to share his talent with the world. Emmanuel Elijah lives for music, he works as an administrative office in a Lagos studio so he interacts with music on a daily. This isn’t surprising as he comes from a family of singers.

4. Clinton Francis

The next contestant here is 24 year old Clinton Francis. Clinton started singing with a gospel band as a background vocalist in earlier years. This brought him a little exposure as he performed alongside top gospel artists in Nigeria. Clinton has always wanted to be a Nigerian idol. He happens to be the sole singer and songwriter in his family. According to the contestant, he enjoys this domestic monopoly. 

5. Beyonce Ajomiwe

Beyoncé has been the most talked about contestant in this year’s Nigerian Idol season. It would be correct to say she has the most fans. Beyoncé is also the youngest on the show and she’s just fresh outta high school. With encouragement from her dad, who is a professional singer and producer, Beyoncé doesn’t just want to be the next Nigerian Idol but also a professional singer.

6. Francis Atela

At 26, Francis Atela has a career as a businessman. However, his love for singing and his naturally gifted voice keeps drawing him to the microphone. The Nigerian Idol stage is a perfect one for Francis to showcase his talent to Nigerians. Francis has previously auditioned in the 2011 and 2015 seasons where he didn’t make it but he didn’t give up. In 2021, he’s part of the top 11 as the show gets serious.

7. Dotun Deloye

Although seen as a jack of many trades, Dotun Deloye has always had a persistent passion for music. The 2021 Nigerian Idol is an opportunity for him to finally showcase his worth. According to the contestant, the experience he’ll get is what he finds most valuable. He hopes it’ll help him push his musical career and other of his endeavors in the entertainment industry.

8. Faith Onyeje

Faith Onyeje is a talented singer who’s already selling his voice. You may have seen him perform in pageant shows, parties, weddings, open lounges, and other like locations. If you haven’t, he’s come to your TV screens so you can watch him. Faith comes from a family of six and fortunately for him, his family is very supportive of his musical career. When he’s not singing, Faith is making artworks.

9. Akunna Okey

Want to know what it’s like coming from a family where everyone can sing? You should try being Akunna Okey for one day. The beautiful singer has an interesting career as an entertainment and corporate lawyer. However, she wants the world to know how gifted she is and on the long run, make a career out of singing. You can find a lot of her singing videos in her social media pages.

10. Daniel Ikechi

At number 10, we have Daniel Ikechi. Working as a graphic designer, you’ll catch him singing away in churches or other random places in the neighborhood. To Daniel, the Nigerian Idol stage is the perfect stage to take his career to the next level. He’s also in it for the experience and exposure that comes with singing for millions of Nigerians to listen. 

11. Kingdom Kroseide

Kingdom Kroseide is currently a student of the Federal University Otuoke, studying computer science and informatics. Due to his passion for music, he believes he can make it as the next Nigerian Idol. Already, Kingdom sings in weddings, church services, birthdays and more with his band, the Pamela Scott Music band in Port Harcourt. 

Bottom Line 

There you go, the above listed are the 11 best contestants in Nigerian idol 2021. Out of the 11, only one person will be crowned the Idol at the finale. If you want your favourite contestant to win, you’ll have to vote for them. Weekly, the contestant with the lowest vote is dropped.