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10 Most Affordable Wedding Rings In Nigeria (Jumia)

A wedding day is one to remember for the rest of your life. Is your big day close? One of the problems prospective couples have is picking the wedding rings. It won’t be a wedding if there are no rings present to exchange. No one wants a worthless and unattractive ring but unfortunately, not everyone has the money to purchase the very expensive wedding rings. Well, there are some good quality rings you can get in Nigeria without spending too much. If it interests you, below are the most affordable wedding rings in Nigeria from Jumia. 

1. 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

The first affordable wedding ring in Nigeria is the 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring and it’s one for the ladies. It’s a fashionable wedding ring that’ll fit nicely on the fingers. The ring was produced with sturdy steel but styled with a silver color and other attractive designs. It sparkles when met with light. You get great value for your money with the 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring as it costs between N14,000 to N15,000. 

2. Veve Bridal Set

This is a set of 3 gold coloured wedding rings produced in Brazil. The lady takes two while the bride takes the reminding one. It’s an anti-scratch ring set hence the rings are very durable. In addition, the gold plated color doesn’t fade even if the main production material is metal steel. They are available in different sizes so you can select the perfect size that fits you and your partner. You can get this ring for just about N12,000. 

3. White 925 Cubic Zirconia Silver Wedding Ring

Here’s a product that was designed to be very romantic, luxurious, and very attractive. Like the description states, it’s a silver plated wedding ring and 925 silver was used. Meanwhile, the main material used in production is brass which is very sturdy. The ring also features zircon stones. It’s most ideal as a wedding ring for women. As one of the most affordable wedding rings in Nigeria, this ring costs about N10,000. 

4. Luxury 925 Sterling Bridal Set Gold

The Luxury 925 Sterling Bridal Set is a set of 2 wedding rings. You are assured a lifetime warranty when you purchase this product as it neither fades nor tarnishes. This ring is one you’ll find very attractive as it features a shining and bold design. It can work not just as a wedding ring but also as an engagement ring. With just about N6,000, this set of 2 gold plated wedding rings can be yours. 

5. Non Fade Unisex Wedding Ring

Do you love simplicity? If yes, you’ll want want to consider this beautiful yet simple Non Fade Unisex Wedding Ring. It’s a stainless steel ring and as it’s unisex, it can be used by the bride or groom. The ring isn’t plated with anything and neither does it feature any design. It’s just plain and simple stainless steel but you can count on it’s attractiveness and durability. You can purchase this non fade unisex wedding ring for just about N15,000. 

6. Emirate Bridal Sets

Here’s another set of bridal rings that goes for both male and female. You’ll fall in love with the product before even bringing it out as it comes in a very beautiful box. The rings in the Emirate Bridal set are gold plated which makes them highly attractive and they are also durable as the main production material is steel. These rings were produced in American Samoa and they cost around N18,000. 

7. 3piece Wedding Ring Set For Couple

The 3piece Wedding Ring Set For Couple is one of the most affordable wedding rings in Nigeria but, it appears like one of the most expensive. From the design, you won’t believe that you can purchase this ring set for just about N25,000. The set consists of one solid wedding band for the man and two well-designed zirconia rings for the lady. They are very durable and they feel very comfortable on the fingers. 

8. Italian Gold Plated Wedding Set

When you hear “Italian”, you immediately think of style. Well, this wedding ring set is very stylish as they were manufactured with Italian gold plating. Hence, gold is the main material used here and there’s no stainless steel or brass. This ring is ideal if you want something of monetary worth but not too expensive. It comes 3 in a set – as usual, a solid groom band and two designed bride rings – and a set costs about N35,000. 

9. Elegant Silver Wedding Ring Set For Couples

The Elegant Silver Wedding Ring Set For Couples can be purchased for about N8,000. It’s described as a classic ring and it features titanium steel as the main material. However, it’s finished in silver color which makes it a top-quality ring. It’s designed to be very attractive, especially the two wedding rings for the bride. This Elegant Silver Wedding Ring Set For Couples doesn’t fade. You can wear it for a very long time. 

10. 925 Sterling Couple Ring

Black is a standard color and if it’s your taste, this black 925 Sterling Couple Ring should be among your top options for a wedding ring. The ring was produced using steel but finished in a beautiful black color with some very beautiful designs. Hence, the ring is highly fashionable. It’s the least most affordable wedding ring in Nigeria on this list as it costs between N30,000 and N40,000. 

Bottom Line 

The products listed above are the current most affordable wedding rings in Nigeria from the popular online marketplace, Jumia. You can purchase these wedding rings and make the most out of your wedding day. They are good rings and very attractive but they don’t cost a fortune. People who see these rings on your finger and think you spent a lot on Nigeria.