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10 Easy Ways To Increase FB Likes Automatically in Nigeria

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform not just in Nigeria but in the world. A good percent of internet users use Facebook, which means that over a billion people visit their Facebook page or profile many times per day. The social media platform has been an integral part of people’s daily lives. 

It’s not just for individuals but also businesses. Corporately, Facebook has been a marketing leader, allowing you to reach the right customers in a very brief period of time. You can advertise to people based on their age, interests, place, and behaviour.

However, one thing you would agree is that currently, competition on Facebook is on the high side. Having likes on related posts is becoming more difficult due to the high amount of options audiences are presented with. In this post, I’ll show you 10 easy ways to increase FB likes automatically in Nigeria.

1. Always update your page 

There’s a huge difference between updating your page and spamming your followers or friends. Increasing your social media presence by sharing on a regular basis would result in more clicks, reactions, and even remarks. However, if you post too much your followers could find it irritating. As a result, your followers would literally like your post less, resulting in less Facebook shares. 

2. Post the right content 

You have the ability and responsibility to choose what you post on Facebook. If you have a Facebook profile that is properly updated, but the right content is missing, you can also fall short of your likes target. Consider the following: What is the aim of this post? A post would have a greater effect if the viewers understands what it is trying to say, whether it is amusing, touching, or thought-provoking.

3. Make more use of images 

Any post with a picture attached would get more coverage than a post with just text – this is a fact. When choosing whether or not to include a picture in your message, pick one that will grab the attention of your followers and other FB users through their newsfeed. Although including a picture would undoubtedly enhance your views, make sure it is of high quality. If anyone stops to look at your image, they will spend more time on your page, so take advantage of this chance to share whatever you want.

4. Check for events that might help 

Consider certain events that will influence your Facebook likes before publishing. Trending subjects and viral content are examples of this. If you want more users to see your content, add subjects that are already making rounds on Facebook such that your article appears in that forum. You will do this by using current events, it could be that a celebrity like Wizkid or Davido released a new song, etc. The mention or recreation of viral videos, like the Don’t Leave Me Challenge videos, may also raise visibility and views.

5. Publish posts at the right time 

Time has a greater impact on getting likes than you would expect. Obviously, posting at 5 AM would result in less likes because most Nigerian FB users are asleep. However, there are other hours to stop as well. Avoid any moments where you know people will be engaged in real-life social activities, such as working hours, lunch hour, dinner hours, and morning rush hour. Lazy hours, such as Sunday mornings and late in the evenings, on the other hand, are ideal for gaining likes when people are more likely to be using their phone.

6. Connect your other social media accounts 

As you know, there are other social media platforms outside Facebook. Connecting social media accounts is a shared occurrence for those who have achieved tremendous success on those platforms. For example, you could be popular on Twitter but not on Facebook and by connecting them, you could share engagements. This means that if you make a post on a different social media platform, you can also add those followers to your Facebook profile. Using posts on other platforms to advertise your Facebook profile is a great way to get more attention. This would increase the number of views and likes you get.

7. Post what your viewers can relate with 

Many users would enjoy your Facebook posts if it shares material that is relatable to them. Furthermore, users are more likely to tag their friends in these posts if they know the person is going through something similar. The rise in prevalence of “memes” in social media is evidence of this.

8. Try clickbait 

Although the social media world regards it as deceptive, clickbait is not always deceptive. In this way, clickbait is the creation of a post that piques the interest of Facebook users by uncertainty rather than deception. Instead of saying, “I’m going to Lagos to start a new life,” say, “I’m making a big change in my life; please follow me on this journey,” and let them watch your video to learn more. This approach is most useful with videos or other material that people do not see right away.

9. Use Tags

Utilize all of the opportunities that social media, especially Facebook, has made available to you. When making a message, make sure to tag anyone that is interested or in the photo so that their followers can see it as well. This would increase the number of views on your post and, as a result, the number of likes. 

10. Do giveaways

Giveaways draw a lot of interest and likes if you have the means. Typically, users will enter the giveaway by liking and sharing the post on Facebook; this is an important Facebook marketing tactic. These giveaways can also be sponsored by a number of businesses.

Bottom Line 

One of the primary aims of most Facebook users, whether for personal or business reasons, is to increase the number of likes, views, and reactions. In this article, I’ve discussed 10 easy ways to increase FB likes automatically in Nigeria.