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10 Best Wedding Colors In Nigeria (2021)

Do you have a wedding coming up? It could be yours, that of a friend or client that you’re helping to plan. One of the hardest things to figure out is the best colors to use. There’s a need to nail the perfect colors to match the theme of the ceremony. To help you, I’ll be discussing the best wedding colors in Nigeria in this article. 

1. Silver & Black 

Silver goes well with a lot of colors and one of the best colors that compliments it is black. This color combination is one of the best as it’s natural. In majority of Nigerian weddings, the bride puts on a white/silver gown while the groom puts on a black suit. Many wedding decorators describe this color combination as striking. The silver color makes everything beautiful but still doesn’t take the attention away from the black color. Silver & Black will be more ideal for new year weddings – to make everything appear refreshing.

2. Coral & Gold 

Coral is a popular color you’ll see on most bridal trains (Asoebi) in Nigeria. It’s a perfect wedding color as it can be used at any time irrespective of the season. When you combine it with gold, you get one of the best wedding color combinations anywhere. The gold color brings the feeling of quality and royalty while the coral color brings the feeling of warmth. Wedding guests would day-dream being in a celestial garden. This color combination has been used in so many weddings since the 1920s; not just in Nigeria but globally. 

3. White 

White is a color that speaks for itself. Here you don’t need any other color to compliment it – everything is just white. A lot of celebrities all over the world like conducting all white weddings and after-parties. It’s a thing of class, simplicity, and purity. An all-white wedding doesn’t necessarily mean every other color should be avoided. A little touch of black and gold here and there would do no harm. However, when guests step into the wedding arena, they should have the feeling of stepping into an angelic environment.

4. Blue & Deep Red 

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of weddings featuring red and blue decorations. Well, if you’re going to go with that, you need to make things appear more mature. Blue can be a deep color while red is striking. Hence, to balance the equation, you should go with blue and deep red. Blue & deep red is a royal color combination. You can never go wrong with bold contrasting colors and that’s what you get from this color combination. It is even more beautiful if the groomsmen have blue on while the bridesmaids have deep red on. 

5. Silver & Purple 

Once again, we have silver and this time, it’s going with purple. As usual, purple brings the sparkle to the event while purple brings the boldness. This color combination is the bomb whether you’re conducting your party indoors or out in the open as most Nigerians like. If you’re going to go with this color, it should make up the wedding cake and the bride’s bouquet. Silver and purple flowers are as beautiful as any flower can be. Another thing to love about this color combination is that it’s simple.

6. Green & Maroon 

This is not very common but it’s one of the best wedding colors in Nigeria. Specifically, this color combination will work wonders in a traditional wedding. There’s the green to represent nature and maroon to represent the soil. Maroon already is a very popular color among Nigerian weddings – Adesua Etomi & Bany W wore it. The fun thing is that the colors don’t have to be individual. You can directly blend them together in a dress or any attire and it’ll come out perfectly.

7. Peach & Light Red

Peach & light red are both light colors. You might wonder, why use two light colors for your wedding decorations? Well, you should if you want to have a very color neutral wedding ceremony. Any other color your guests put on will easily blend with peach & light red. The color combination can be featured on your high table, bridal train dress, cake. It will also work for traditional marriage ceremonies. Peach is already a regular in many traditional marriages from the beads most brides wear. 

8. Gold & Red

This is a standard royal color combination – gold and red. It is a color combination to go for if you want your wedding to be very passionate and energetic. Red is the color of love and with gold, the result is timeless. However, gold and red can be very bold when combined. Hence, you might need a touch of white or cream here and there to make things somewhat even. Are you wedding during Christmas? You’ll be wrong not to go with this color combination. 

9. Wine & Champagne 

I’m not talking about alcohol but wine & champagne are among the best wedding colors in Nigeria. This color combination can be called dark red and gold by some people but it’s modeled after red wine and champagne drink. The color combination is ideal if you want something bold but not very striking. However, it won’t suit so much in weddings where the groom will be using a black suit; he should go with white or champagne.

10. Brown & Gold

The last color we’ll be talking about here is coral and gold. Brown and gold is one of the most common colors for Asoebi in Nigeria and it’s undoubtedly one of the best. This is a color combination you can describe as simple but yet gorgeous. It’ll make the place feel alive.

Bottom Line 

You can light up any wedding ceremony by simply making use of the right colors. The wrong colors will make the place feel less interesting and joyful even if it’s the opposite going on. I hope you’ll be able to pick the right colors from the list of wedding colors in Nigeria discussed in this article.