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Best TV Brands In Nigeria: Top 10 2023

Without a TV in your home, you can’t have complete digital entertainment. When buying a TV, a lot of things need to be considered to ensure you get a good one. This is why it’s important to know the best television brands to buy in Nigeria. To assist you and ensure you make the right purchase, below are the top 10 television brands you can purchase in Nigeria currently; 

1. Samsung 

Samsung is one of the top tech manufacturers in the World and they produce some of the best televisions in Nigeria. Samsung TVs are renowned for their high picture quality and very stylish design. You get to enjoy a cinematic experience whenever you’re in front of your television. Samsung TVs are also very durable. With proper maintenance, you can use one for years without it developing any fault. They come in different types including flat screens, curved screens, etc. However, Samsung TVs can also be very expensive. 

2. LG

A lot of TVs you’ll find in Nigeria are LG TVs. This is because LG produces some of the best quality TVs with affordable price ranges. Notably, LG TVs are great for gamers as they have very high refresh rates. With a large model, like the 62 inch TV, you can enjoy 4K and Active HDR picture quality. This takes the display to a whole new level. Also, LG smart TVs come with an optimized OS, the webOS. Connecting to watch shows on Netflix, etc will be seamless.

3. Panasonic 

This brand from Japan is ideal if you want quality but you want to save money. Every year, the brand, like other brands, releases new TV models and the quality keeps getting better. Modern Panasonic TVs support broad HDR with custom-made OLED panels. Other features you can enjoy include the filmmaker mode and Dolby Vision IQ. These and more make Panasonic one of the best television brands to buy in Nigeria. You’ll find a Panasonic TV for any TV size of your choice.

4. Sony 

Before the advent of flat-screen TVs, Sony was the major manufacturer of CRT TVs (those TVs with big backs) in Nigeria. They still are one of the best brands of TV to buy in Nigeria currently. One major reason why Sony TVs are recommended is their sound quality. They feature the best sound quality you can get on television. Furthermore, Sony TVs feature more sharpness in picture quality and, if you get a smart one, you can connect to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

5. Rite Tek

What you’ll love about Rite Tek is the simplicity of their TVs. Rite Tek TVs feature minimal styling and are relatively lightweight but still of top quality. A notable feature of Rite Tek TVs is the true color enhancer. This allows you to enjoy your TV shows at the best possible image quality and clarity. Not to mention the Super HD display resolution. Most Rite Tek TVs feature a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) or 2 so you can connect with HDMI devices for more functionality. 

6. Hisense 

Hisense is a not-so-popular brand for TVs in Nigeria. The brand is renowned mainly for its kitchen appliances in the country. Nevertheless, they produce very good televisions with very nice pictures. You can purchase a good Hisense TV at a cheap price so the TV is recommended if your budget is low but you need great value. The only con you can get from some Hisense TV models is the low sound quality. Nevertheless, with a good stereo or home theater system, this won’t be a problem. 

7. Amani 

Amani is a TV brand that’s steadily becoming popular in Nigeria. Most especially, the 43 inch TV model is a top seller in the country. Nigerians who have bought and used this TV brand can attest to its quality and durability. Amani TV has great graphics which makes them good for gaming. They have great sound quality as well. With the higher TV models of this brand, you enjoy upscaling which makes even low-quality videos appear awesomely. The wide viewing angle ensures the color stays the same no matter where you’re seated. 

8. Polystar 

Polystar TV feature some top-notch feature for a brand of its category. With just the 24 inch version, you get to enjoy HDMI and Nature Light. Notably, there’s eye protection that reduces blue light and energy saving so the TV doesn’t add much to your electricity bills. With higher models, you get to enjoy Ultra HD with 4K2K resolution. These models are super narrow and with a high contrast ratio so picture quality is balanced from all angles. Notably, Polystar smart TVs come with built-in projection. 

9. UKA

The UKA brand is a subsidiary of Haier and their TVs are produced in partnership with some top brands like Samsung. Thus, while the brand may not be too popular in Nigeria, its products are of good quality. When you purchase a UKA TV, you might feel it’s cheap but after using it for a while, you’ll agree that it’s a reliable brand. Notably, UKA TVs have a good viewing angle. Also, this brand is ideal if you need a TV that won’t consume much electricity. 

10. Bruhm

Bruhm being one of the best television brands to buy in Nigeria is debatable. Some Bruhm TVs may not meet your expectations but, others will exceed them. You can get Bruhm TVs of different shapes and sizes so the prices vary. Most of their TVs are sleek with very beautiful designs but they can be very fragile. Hence, if you purchase a Bruhm TV, ensure you handle it with care.

Bottom Line 

Now you know some of the best television brands to buy in Nigeria. If you have the money, you should go for an LG, Samsung, or Panasonic TV most especially if you’re getting a very large model. These 3 TV brands are the top-rated in Nigeria by customers. Finally, you must maintain your TV properly to ensure it lasts for you.