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10 Best Power Bank Brands For iPhone in Nigeria

Compared to Androids, most iPhone don’t feature very high capacity batteries. For this reason, a lot of iPhone users need power banks. Several power banks are available in the market which could make selecting the right one difficult. Nevertheless, I’m here to make it easy for you. Here are the 10 best power bank brands for iPhones in Nigeria. 

1. New Age 

New age is a very popular phone accessories brand in Nigeria and to many Nigerians, their power banks are the best to use. You can get a New Age power bank of different capacities depending on what you’re looking for. The power banks are easy to get as they’re sold in the majority of phone accessories stores and online stores you’ll find. New Age power banks often feature dual-output such that you can charge two USB devices at a time. Furthermore, with the right charger, they fast charge and most have a power conversion rate of about 85%. 

2. Oraimo 

If you need a portable power bank for your iPhone, Oraimo is a brand you’ll want to consider. This is because most Oraimo power banks are slim and handy even the high capacity ones. Thanks to the high speed charging technology they feature, you can charge your iPhone and other devices very quickly. The power bank won’t damage your device’s battery in any way and there’s the MultiProtect safety system to ensure this. When you purchase an Oraimo power bank from a certified vendor, you get a 1-year warranty. 

3. Samsung 

The name Samsung is one that speaks for itself. You should consider Samsung power banks if you’re targeting high capacity. Most Samsung power banks out there are above 10000 mAH. Samsung power banks charge fast for both input and output. The OCP feature will protect your iPhone from getting excessive current levels so your battery doesn’t get damaged. However, you should be mindful when buying a Samsung power bank as some feature USB TYPE-C slots. The type of iPhone charging cable you have will determine the model to go for. 

4. Xiaomi 

Xiaomi produces power banks that are mainly compatible with iPhones. The battery type used in these power banks are Li-Polymer batteries which are very reliable and they are available in different capacities. Most feature up to 18W power input hence they are fast and efficient when charging. Xiaomi power banks are durable power banks you can use for years thanks to the ABS material they’re produced with. The power banks often come with a charging cord and a manual to guide you on how to use it properly. 

5. HetoGrow

Do you need a solar power bank for your iPhone? If yes, then you should get a HetoGrow power bank. The HetoGrow brand produces the best solar power banks in Nigeria. However, since it’s a solar product, it may cost a little more than the others. You can easily charge your HetoGrow power bank by putting it under the sun. How fast it’ll charge will depend on how bright the sun is shining and the position where the powerbank is kept. HetoGrow power banks fast charge your iPhone and they feature overcharge protection. 


MOVFA is another brand to consider if solar is your interest. MOVFA power banks use solar energy and feature a lithium polymer battery. The power banks can be charged with electricity as well. They come with everything you need including a charging cable, manual, and compass. MOVFA power banks use an intelligent device protection detection to protect your iPhone’s battery. What this does is to adjust the output current so it matches your battery’s capacity. Furthermore the power banks come with LED light which makes them helpful accessories when it’s dark. 

7. Anker 

Anker power banks are among the most affordable power banks in Nigeria. The brand may not be so popular in the country but it’s one of the leading USB charging brands in the United States. It boasts of more than 20 million customers from around the world. Notably, the Anker power banks often come with a pouch that makes them very portable. They support speed charging except for USB-C devices and some Android devices. For iPhones, the power banks will work just fine. Smart charging keeps your battery safe from damage. 

8. Tecno

Everyone knows the Tecno brand. Well, you don’t have to own a Tecno phone to use a Tecno power bank; you can use Tecno power banks to charge your iPhones as well. As it is with most of their products, Tecno power banks are very affordable. Also, they charge fast although it depends on the iPhone and power bank capacity. For most iPhones, it’ll take just an hour and a half to fully charge using a Tecno power bank. The power banks are relatively durable as they’re made with PVC material. 

9. Sahub

What you’ll first love about Sahub power banks is their sleek and very attractive design. Outside that, you’ll love their efficiency which makes them one of the best power bank brands for iPhone in Nigeria. Sahub power banks feature an efficient boost converter that ensures your phone is charged at the faster possible time. Also, the protective IC protected your battery from damage. A unique feature of Sahub power banks is that they can identify your iPhone and know the perfect voltage and electric current it needs to charge.

10. Dana

Dana power banks feature a unique display which is one of the first things users love about it. There are some models with lithium-ion batteries and others with lithium-polymer batteries. For your iPhone, the models with lithium-polymer batteries are best to go for as they’re the most durable. All Dana power banks are certified to be safe by the Multi-Protect Safety System.

Bottom Line 

If you want to purchase a good power bank for your iPhone, I’m sure you now know the options you have, you can go with any of the 10 best power banks for iPhone in Nigeria that were listed above.